Sunday, 3 February 2013

I Like it in Black, does it come in Brown?

I noticed the other day, whilst rummaging through the jungle of my boots/shoes that if I like the style of a pair of boots, I'm apt to get them in BOTH black AND brown.  (Like one colour wasn't enough!)

I discovered that I have 3 pair of black boots, and the identical number in brown.  To be fair, some of them were incredibly cheap, so it seemed completely against the Laws of Nature not to get 2 pair.

These are the first pair: I've photographed one of each colour to show you they are identical.  I like that these have a sort of Victorian look to them with their lace-up grommits. Marvellously comfy and cheap as well.  Good thing they didn't have more colours!

This next pair I bought on holiday in Lille, France.  They have a great lace-up ties in the back.  Strictly for looks, as they have a zip on the side.  I bought the black pair and discovered that they felt fabulous, and kept the rain out.  I asked Gorgeous Husband if he minded if I got the same ones in brown, and he (foolishly) said, "Do whatever you want."  (You can see the consequences of that!)

This last pair were very hard to photograph, as the suede seems to "eat up" the light, and makes them both look the same colour.  So I took 2 photos.  One pair is black, but the other is a dark chocolate brown.  I wear the black ones so often, I felt it only fair to give them some company.

Here are the brown ones, modelled on my feet.  Very versatile, and comfortable, considering how pointy they are.

And then I lost my heart (and wallet) these babies:

Pink cowboy boots?  Well, who doesn't NEED that?  Once again, quite flat and comfortable.  My friend took one look at them and said, "I could never wear those.  The toes are too long."  To be fair, the last 3 inches or so of boot is completely empty, which is why my feet aren't squashed.

Apparently they also had these boots in lime green, but fortunately, they had been sold, and only the pink ones were left.  That was a close call.  But really, even if I had to choose one, it would have been the pink ones anyway.  I like the way they look with my pink charity shop scarf.

They're just right for putting your feet up on the radiator!  I can hardly wait to introduce them to my summer clothes.