Thursday, 28 November 2013

Toddling Around History

One of the most fabulous things about living in England is the chance to go exploring history.  I swear, the country is FULL of it!  (Not too surprising, really.)  This stunning fireplace is in Little Moreton Hall in Cheshire. Gorgeous Husband and I visited it last summer on part of our holidays, and we also visited it the day after our wedding in 1996.  Fond memories!  I remember we travelled some distance to get to it, I was feeling a bit car-sick, so immediately went to the cafe for a coffee and to "recuperate".  I saw that they had flapjacks on the menu, so ordered one.  I was amazed to see that it wasn't what my North American eyes expected : a small pancake, sometimes called "silver dollar pancakes".  Instead, it was something that looked like a granola bar.  Not that it wasn't good... but it was one of many times when I've meant one thing, but people have  misinterpreted it as something else.  It reminds me of a sign that I read once, saying that Britain and the US were separated by a common language!  I guess Canada devised its own twist on the English language too, so it's a wonder we understand each other at all.

Enjoying the wonderful relief carvings over the fireplace.  Tweed jacket makes me feel Ever So English!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Commemorating the Battle of Britain

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be one of the people who were commemorating the Battle of Britain at one of our local churches.  I was happy to have the chance to wear my latest hat, a find at an antique stall for only £5.  It looks white in the photo, but it is really a pale grey.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize until I wore it out that it is really a bit too big for me.  I'll have to put some padding inside the crown before I wear it next! One of the photos taken that day make me look like I'm hiding under a mushroom.
The lovely lizard pin was a gift from Gorgeous Husband.  Not because it was any special occasion, but just because I took a fancy to it.  I'm so glad that he got it for me, as the shop, Pastimes, is now out of business.  Shame, as they had lovely reproduction jewellery from history.  (Hence, past times.)

Anyway, I was also happy to model my cream coat from Bonmarche (order line: 0845 202 4490).  This was another of the items they were kind enough to send me.  Washable too, so that's a bonus, seeing as I always seem to get something on me. The sleeves were too long, but that wasn't surprising, as most coats fit like that I've found.  The curse of short arms!

Another view of me in the same coat at Attingham Park, next to a "coming out" dress of the early 1900s.  I can see I am carrying my black and white dotty handbag.  What is it with me and dots?

Many thanks for all your kind comments on the past blog and I'll be scooting around to check yours out too!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Dotty Dog Opening

Gallery owners, Steve and Jacky pose with me at the opening of their new venture, Dotty Dog Gallery
Many thanks for all the kind comments on my last post about wearing the dotty dress. This is another adventure in being "dotty". In fact, I'm wearing the same dress, although you can't see it very well under my  new cream coat with the military detailing.

I have known Steve for years, and besides being a good artist, he is a thoroughly great guy.  Over the years I've known him, he has helped with other galleries, and was a real pillar of support to me when I worked as an art exhibitions organiser.

In recent years, he has been very unwell.  I joke that he has a "frequent user points" card with the hospital, but at various times he has been dangerously ill.  So, in the spirit of "carpe diem" (seize the day!) he is making his dream of having his own gallery come true.  They specialize in prints, and  named their gallery after their Dalmatian dog.  Jacky, his gorgeous red-haired girlfriend, is also an artist, and they make a good team.

Below is a blurry photo of the dotty dress I wore to the gallery opening.  I received it courtesy of the good folks at Bonmarche.  Massively versatile dress, and at £28, great value.  If you'd like it, google bonmarche, or call their order line at 0845 202 4490 and tell them you saw it on Forever on the Catwalk of Life.  They have not paid me for this endorsement, but did let me keep the dress.  (Thanks guys!)

I loved Jacky's fabulously dotty pair of nails, so in keeping with the dotty theme!  I was also taken with  Jacky's sun face belt buckle..  On my first photo of the belt buckle, I left the flash on, and it looked like Jacky was a thin version of Buddah with a light shining out of her belly!

Do visit their website: