Friday, 31 August 2012

The Folk Festival

Even though the papers are tellling us, over and over and over, that this is wettest summer Britain has ever experienced, the weather was actually fine last weekend when we went to the Shrewsbury Folk Festival.  Luckily, the world doesn't stop because it might rain!

                    Seeing as it was folk music, I thought I had better wear denim.  (I think it's the law.)
                                         Denim jacket (some store, somewhere!) 
                                         Taupe pinafore-type thing: Tara shop,
                            khaki skirt under the pinafore, market outside Wembley Stadium,
                                  the ever-ready cowboy boots, and a lot of jewellery.

                                                 Performers doing Morris dancing

 This woman leading one of the troupes of dancers had a great hat: a copy of Windsor Castle

 We were lucky enough to catch this group of musicians playing in The Wheatsheaf.  It all sounded like variations on an Irish jig to me, very spirited and lively.  People seemed to be coming and going, one would start up a song, others would join in, then it would turn into another song, then someone would get up to go get a pint, when the music ended, some musicians left, others joined.  It seemed to be a very fluid arrangement.  I counted 8 accordians, 4 violins, 2 flutes and one fellow playing the spoons.  It was jolly, I can tell you!  The space was cramped, which I suppose, made it all the more fun.  Only enough room to pass through to get to the bar!  All you had to do was buy a pint and listen for as long as you wanted.

It sounded like the type of music they have in pubs in Dublin, but having already been to Dublin, I thought these fellows were much better. It seemed so spontaneous and "off the cuff".

One fellow wore a tee-shirt that said:  TEENAGERS
                                  Are you fed up with being hassled by your stupid parents?
                                                         ACT NOW!
                                  Move out, get a job, and pay your own bills while you are still young
                                           enough to know everything.

I thought that was a laugh.  Gorgeous Husband took some video on his phone of the music, but unfortunately, it didn't come out.

             The Framptarn Guggen band played while wearing black & white cow costumes.

 Once home, I was so inspired, I had to do some high stepping myself, although a chair helped with my balance!

Friday, 24 August 2012

A Military Wedding

One of the advantages of being married to Gorgeous Husband (one of many!) is that he is a bell ringer, and as such, he gets to go to a lot of weddings to ring.  We both love weddings, and seeing as our nephews are not coming forth with family weddings, we enjoy going along as "unofficial" wedding guests.  Actually, anyone can go to the church when a wedding is taking place, so it's not like we are gatecrashers.  Besides, I have to give the signal to the bell ringers to stop ringing once the bride has arrived at the church door.  You see, I do have my uses!

                               Red hat and purse, black dress, white short sleeved jacket,
                               black bangles: all charity shops
                                                   Waiting at the lynch gate.

                            The crossed swords that the bride and groom will pass under.
                            I love a man in uniform, and lots of men in uniform is even better! 

The happy couple

                                            Flowers inside the church  All very tasteful!

 Here I am with the confetti, which was made up of dried flower petals, nicely presented in a paper funnel.  They had made the funnel out of a photocopy of their wedding announcement in the newspaper and circled their notice in red. 

It was a gorgeous summer day (one of the few we've had this year) and it was great to sing "I Vow to Thee My Country" and "Jersulaem" as patriotic hymns for the ceremony.

May they have a long and happy life together!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Turning Point

A couple weeks ago, Gorgeous Husband and I decided to take a little trip on one of his days off.  As you can see, it was lovely and sunny and warm, so we went to Bridgnorth in Shropshire. 

Afterwards, I was thinking what a turning point it was the first time we visited this lovely historic town, set on two levels.  When we were visiting Britain on one of our trips from Canada, we found the town entirely by accident.  It was gettting late in the day, and when we asked for a recommendation for a place to stay, we were told Bridgnorth was an interesting town.

Outside the venicular railway, eating orange and double chocolate ice cream.
Bag, top, bangles, all charity shop finds.  White skirt from New Look (about 7 years ago.)

This venicular railway takes you from the High Town to the Low Town and back.  I think it is from the 20s or 30s, I forgot to check its date.

This is the lovely King's Head Hotel where we stayed the night.  We had just spent a few days with the family, celebrating Gorgeous Husband's parent's 50th wedding anniversary.  It was here that we decided for sure (no more debating it) that we would "up sticks" and move to England to live.  I reasoned that his parents were not getting any younger, and that it would be good for us to spend more time with them in their golden years.  I can't really say we made plans, as such, it was more like turning a corner.  We had almost 14 years near them:  family visits, having birthdays and Christmases and being close when they went to the nursing home.  It was truly the best decision for us.

Our little excursion brought it all back to me. It's not often I can point with certainity to where the course of my history changed.

This little hedgehog handbag was in the window of a shop in Bridgnorth.  I quite liked it, but it was a bit more pricey than what I wanted to pay, about £80 if I remember correctly.   It was also a tad strange, although Gorgeous Husband was quite taken with it.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Good-bye Olympics!

Well, I decided that today was the day to finally take down the flag bunting, which has been around our front door since the days of Queen's Diamond Jubilee. 

Strangely, seeing as I am not sports fan, and was never really in favour of the Olympics coming to London in the first place, I was actually won over.  Me and sports?  That just doesn't seem to go together, sort of like swimming lessons for giraffes.  Not done!

But, nevertheless, I stand corrected.  They were fabulous.  Wonderful for the morale of the country, and Team GB winning 65 medals was so inspiring.  I can hardly believe it's over.  I will miss the human drama -- the nail bitting finishes, the tears, the heartbreak, even the razz-a-ma-tazz of it all.  I never would have guessed it would "get to me".

 The last view of the Union Jack bunting.  Me holding a little Team GB flag that came with specialty beer.

                         Wearing white skirt with my knitted edging, white tee shirt, oatmeal
                          crocheted waistcoat, cowboy boots and assorted bangles.

A better view of the bangles.  All charity shop, except the pewter rope one,
which came from Boots

In honor of all the number of times God Save the Queen was played for the gold winning athletes, I've included this picture, which was taken in front of a local restaurant during the Queen's Jubilee.  I see they've seen repainted the wall, which is kind of a shame.  I like the way the "N" on Queen is backwards.

What did other people think of the Olympics?  Good?  Bad?  Indifferent?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Turquoise and lime?

I decided to wear my lime green jersey dress to church last Sunday, as it was one of those days that was neither hot nor cold, but something inbetween.  Originally I thought I would wear it with something else, but by happy coincidence, it was hanging next to this turquoise leather jacket, so I went with that.  It seemed to coordinate well with my jazzy green shoes, that I hardly ever wear because after a while they start to bite.

Lime green dress, Karen Millen leather jacket, bangles, all charity shop
Green clutch bag, gift
Green shoes from Cara (outrageous price)

Here we are in the garden centre, not far from church where we go for coffee and cake, and sit outdoors in the gravelled sitting area.  Usually there are 2 friendly and very well fed cats mooching about, but not today.  Just a few eager birds that hop to within a few inches to snatch up crumbs that we fling to them. 

Do love these shoes, but they cost about 4 times the cost of rest of the total outfit. What is a girl to do?!  They make a yearly appearance (or two, if they're good.)

Got Gorgeous Husband to take these photos of the things I want in my garden.  Especially the rustic rose arbour.  Don't think it'll be happening this year though.  Maybe when the "season" is over, and they are marked way, way, way, way down.

Thanks to everyone who sympathized with my swan dive onto the cement in my last post.  The bruise on my chin only lasted a short time, and I'm more of less free of scabs.  The wide leg pants have gone to Vix of Vintage Vixen.  (She knows how to wear them!)