Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Twelve Minute Dash (part 2)

I'm going to continue my story about getting ready in 12 minutes, as on my last post about this, the computer unexpectedly died.  I thought it better to publish what I had rather than try it again.

This is another outfit from the Aberyswyth Museum.  They had lovely Victorian clothes, including the black high top button shoes, but my computer (for reasons best known to itself!) is not letting me post all the photos that I would like to put up.

In case you're interested, the "bare necessities" of my getting ready whirlwind were: drinking my daily dose of aloe vera, applying sunscreen (factor 30), putting on some make-up, chosing jewellery, quick whizz of comb through hair, and jumping into an outfit that didn't require much thinking.  If I'd had more time, I would have worn a striped black and white T shirt under the white jacket, but no worries.  No one arrested me for grabbing a white T instead.  I wanted to wear the striped shoes, as I think they look nautical and I don't wear them a lot.  They were a great bargain at £5, so even though I didn't exactly need them, they followed me home!

This is me at the Museum in front of an item of furniture called a "Welsh Dresser".  Basically, it's a cabinet that has space for displaying your best china and the drawers on the bottom are for storage.  At least, that's what it is commonly referred to in this country, but this type of thing probably has other names as well.

This photo shows my well-used white cotton jacket better than the other pictures.  It is sort of a waiter's jacket in styling.  I got it in a shop in Nice (France) that sold clothes that were techically too young for me to wear.  But I really like it, and the snug fit seems to enhance other outfits.  It has lived through having coffee and chocolate spilled on it, and getting grubby on car and train journeys.  It even survived my falling on my elbow without the sleeve ripping, so it is made of , ahem.... sturdy stuff!

How about you?  Have you ever had to get ready on the fly?  Can you beat my 12 minute record?!

One last shot: me at the  War Memorial in Aberyswyth.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Twelve Minute Dash

Last week, Gorgeous Husband and I decided that we would use his day off to go to the seaside.  We would take the train and it would be a jolly day out.  What we did NOT plan on, was oversleeping.  At 8:48 my head was still on my pillow, at 9:00 I was out the door.  This is what I look like when I get ready in 12 minutes.

Because we decided to go on the train to Aberyswyth, on the coast of Wales, we thought it would be nice to go on the train.  He ran ahead and got the tickets and I followed in about 5 minutes.  I got to the train station and NO SIGN OF HIM.  He forgot that I needed my ticket to get through the ticket barrier, so I had to charm my way past the attendents.  It was all a bit of fun, although I did have to promise to go to Aberyswyth with him at some later date!  (The things a girl promises!!)

It was a rather dreary day, a little rainy, but hardly enough to wet the umbrella.  So, we went into the Museum, which had some lovely displays.  I rather liked this lady from the 1940s.  I took another shot of her which showed her suit better, but unfortunately, the flash bounced off her glasses and made her look a bit inhuman, so I decided just to show this photo.

I also quite fancied these hunting outfits.  I think they do look quite dashing.  It reminds me that I have a pattern for a similar jacket, but not sure I have the patience to actually sew it.

Monday, 26 August 2013

More photos from Portsmouth

Just a few more photos from our trip to Portsmouth.  Here I am about to go onboard the Victory.  It was good of Gorgeous Husband to make sure the crown was right above my head! 

Second shot is of another "wooden guy" that would have been a ship's masthead.  Don't fancy him as much as the first fellow of my previous post.  Probably I'm a sucker for his eye patch!

The last photo is of the landmark building called The Spinnaker.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

My New Boyfriend

After a long absence (sorry, anybody whose been following me) I have re-invented myself with a new boyfriend.  He is a bit wooden, but you've gotta admit, he IS tall.  Actually, Gorgeous Husband, who took the photo, has told me I'm not allowed boyfriends.  Can you imagine?

Wanted to post more photos, but the computer has a stomach ache today, and is in the midst of a "wobbly". 

I met this wooden fellow in Portsmouth, when Gorgeous Husband and I went for a few days break. It was fabulous being on board the Victory (Admiral Nelson's ship) and seeing it for real.  Gorgeous Husband was overcome with emotion to be standing on the decks, having read so much about it and being such an avid history fan.  Even I was impressed, especially with Nelson's leadership abilities.  Apparently all his men loved him.

After leaving Portsmouth, Gorgeous Husband bought himself a book, Nelson's Men O' War: The Illustrated Story of of Life in Nelson's Navy.  He was like a cat with a bowl of cream!

More posts with more photos later when Missy Computer feels better.