Wednesday, 4 December 2013

It's Little Black Dress Season

It's that time of year again, when everyone is looking for something special to wear to the Christmas party, or some fabulous seasonal get-together. You just want to look outstanding, right? Ever since Coco Chanel declared that the height of sophisication was wearing a "little black dress", women in the millions have bought into the idea that black is THE ANSWER. No matter what the question, wearing black is the right thing to do. Even the phrase, "black tie" has been taken to mean: "it's a dressy occasion. What shall I wear? Oh, I know. Black." Black tie events have so many black dresses that they look like happy funerals. It's the woman in red that stands out. Or, indeed, any other colour. Wearing black is both good and bad. For some, it sets off their creamy skin and makes them look sophisicated and alluring. But this is not a universal truth. For some, black drains the colour from the skin, and the more mature the skin, the greater the drain. Anyone with a sallow complexion often tends to look worse than ill. "Everything goes with black," is ofen quoted as another reason to trot out yet another black outfit. This is probably one of the best reasons to wear the colour, because there's no denying that it sharpens other colours with its contrast. People rave about how slimming black is. But is it? A huge block of head to toe black has the same effect as a moving building. There's no sign of life there. Some women like the "disappearing act" that wearing black grants them, and if that is their choice, it's up to them. But why disappear? Why hide who you are? Sometimes, black might be a good choice, but certainly not the only choice. And it would be a black day if it were.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Toddling Around History

One of the most fabulous things about living in England is the chance to go exploring history.  I swear, the country is FULL of it!  (Not too surprising, really.)  This stunning fireplace is in Little Moreton Hall in Cheshire. Gorgeous Husband and I visited it last summer on part of our holidays, and we also visited it the day after our wedding in 1996.  Fond memories!  I remember we travelled some distance to get to it, I was feeling a bit car-sick, so immediately went to the cafe for a coffee and to "recuperate".  I saw that they had flapjacks on the menu, so ordered one.  I was amazed to see that it wasn't what my North American eyes expected : a small pancake, sometimes called "silver dollar pancakes".  Instead, it was something that looked like a granola bar.  Not that it wasn't good... but it was one of many times when I've meant one thing, but people have  misinterpreted it as something else.  It reminds me of a sign that I read once, saying that Britain and the US were separated by a common language!  I guess Canada devised its own twist on the English language too, so it's a wonder we understand each other at all.

Enjoying the wonderful relief carvings over the fireplace.  Tweed jacket makes me feel Ever So English!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Commemorating the Battle of Britain

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be one of the people who were commemorating the Battle of Britain at one of our local churches.  I was happy to have the chance to wear my latest hat, a find at an antique stall for only £5.  It looks white in the photo, but it is really a pale grey.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize until I wore it out that it is really a bit too big for me.  I'll have to put some padding inside the crown before I wear it next! One of the photos taken that day make me look like I'm hiding under a mushroom.
The lovely lizard pin was a gift from Gorgeous Husband.  Not because it was any special occasion, but just because I took a fancy to it.  I'm so glad that he got it for me, as the shop, Pastimes, is now out of business.  Shame, as they had lovely reproduction jewellery from history.  (Hence, past times.)

Anyway, I was also happy to model my cream coat from Bonmarche (order line: 0845 202 4490).  This was another of the items they were kind enough to send me.  Washable too, so that's a bonus, seeing as I always seem to get something on me. The sleeves were too long, but that wasn't surprising, as most coats fit like that I've found.  The curse of short arms!

Another view of me in the same coat at Attingham Park, next to a "coming out" dress of the early 1900s.  I can see I am carrying my black and white dotty handbag.  What is it with me and dots?

Many thanks for all your kind comments on the past blog and I'll be scooting around to check yours out too!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Dotty Dog Opening

Gallery owners, Steve and Jacky pose with me at the opening of their new venture, Dotty Dog Gallery
Many thanks for all the kind comments on my last post about wearing the dotty dress. This is another adventure in being "dotty". In fact, I'm wearing the same dress, although you can't see it very well under my  new cream coat with the military detailing.

I have known Steve for years, and besides being a good artist, he is a thoroughly great guy.  Over the years I've known him, he has helped with other galleries, and was a real pillar of support to me when I worked as an art exhibitions organiser.

In recent years, he has been very unwell.  I joke that he has a "frequent user points" card with the hospital, but at various times he has been dangerously ill.  So, in the spirit of "carpe diem" (seize the day!) he is making his dream of having his own gallery come true.  They specialize in prints, and  named their gallery after their Dalmatian dog.  Jacky, his gorgeous red-haired girlfriend, is also an artist, and they make a good team.

Below is a blurry photo of the dotty dress I wore to the gallery opening.  I received it courtesy of the good folks at Bonmarche.  Massively versatile dress, and at £28, great value.  If you'd like it, google bonmarche, or call their order line at 0845 202 4490 and tell them you saw it on Forever on the Catwalk of Life.  They have not paid me for this endorsement, but did let me keep the dress.  (Thanks guys!)

I loved Jacky's fabulously dotty pair of nails, so in keeping with the dotty theme!  I was also taken with  Jacky's sun face belt buckle..  On my first photo of the belt buckle, I left the flash on, and it looked like Jacky was a thin version of Buddah with a light shining out of her belly!

Do visit their website:

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Lunch like a Lady

 Following our tradition of celebrating not just our birthdays, but also the 6 month mark, Gorgeous Husband took me to lunch for my half-birthday at Lady B's tea room at Attingham Park. There really was a Lady B (it stands for the eighth Lady Berwick) and her "tea room" is located in the outer library. And very swanky it is too.
The Lady relaxes in front of the fire, awaiting her lunch of finger sandwiches and pasteries.

The maid brings the lunch on a trolly.
Outside, the weather was spitting rain, and one of the first days of true autumn weather. How lovely to sit by the fire and have the most delicious morsels brought to you. Maybe I was an aristocrat in a past life, because I certainly didn't mind "playing the part" in this life. The lovely dotted dress is from Bonmarche, who asked me if I would model some clothes for them. (Little did they realize it was a childhood ambition of mine to be a model, until I didn't grow up tall enough to be one!) The dress retails for £22 and you can get it from their phone order line 0845 202 4490, or google

Sorry it's a bit blurred.  Too much excitement for Dear Husband.  The dress has a nice peplum, straight skirt, and 3/4 length sleeves.  Washable and doesn't wrinkle. I wore it with a navy and white polka dot bangle.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

My Pal

I love this photo.  This is my pal, Joan.  As my friend and I call her, The Poster Girl for Age UK.  She is so full of life and fun, despite her health problems. She's 84, and has the most beaming smile of anyone I've ever seen.

She told me that she loves to have fun with her clothes, and isn't worried if it is the latest fashion or not.  "As long as I like it, that's all that matters," she said.  Indeed, every day, and every clothing choice seems to be an adventure for her.

The Tibetan necklace that I am wearing is a gift from her.  She bought it when she lived in China in a little shop near to the Tibetan border.  "Going to China changed my life, " she told me.  "Before that, I was someone's wife, and someone's daughter, and someone's mother.  But when I went to China, I could just be me!"  She began that adventure in her 50s.

I will treasure the necklace, and our time together, as they are both part of a priceless legacy.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Well, it says it all it, doesn't it?

Every once in  a while, you see something in a shop window that just sums things up perfectly.  Or almost so, at any rate.  This is from our trip to Lille, France.
What the well dressed French man wears?  Or not.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Photos to Go with Prague Trivia

 So sorry that the computer has "erased" all the paragraph breaks from the last post. Originally each Trivia point was a separate paragraph. Apologies if you think I can't punctuate!

Standing in front of the bridge that is full of lovers' padlocks, vowing eternal love.

The doughnut like thing.  Not fried, roasted and dipped in sugar.  Wasps optional.


Some Trivia About Prague

This is not a travelogue about Prague, and after all, we were only there two days, but I thought I would mention a few pieces of trivia I picked up. Apologies in advance if I get anything wrong, I'm just recounting what the tour guide said, and what we experienced, and as much as my memory will allow. As I am having problems adding photos to my posts, I will publish the trivia first, and it will be followed with a SEPARATE POST with the images. (Sorry for it not being all together. Blame the computer being "difficult".) Trivia Item One: Apparently the first showing ever of Mozart's opera "Don Giovanni" was in Prague, and Mozart had a better reception for his work in Prague than in Vienna. Trivia Item Two: there is a bridge full of padlocks with lovers names on them to symbolize their eternal love. This is a copycat gesture from the novel "I Want You" by Federico Moccia. Trivia Item Three: Czechs like a doughnut type of sweet called TRDELNIK. The dough is wrapped around and around a metal rod and roasted over hot coals, then dipped in sugar. Very popular, both with people and wasps. I ignored the beasties and tried it. It was nice, but more of a bread texture than a doughnut. Trivia Item Four: The Communist Museum and McDonalds are next door to each other. Ironic or what? Trivia Item Five: According to our tour guide, the Star of David, as a symbol of the Jews, was first used in Prague. Trivia Item Six: Prague is a very popular city for Russians to get married in, and they like to have their photos taken in some of the historic locations. I did overhear two "body guard" looking type fellows speaking Russian in front a limosene at the castle, waiting for the wedding party, and also saw Russians having their photos taken on Charles Bridge in their wedding outfits. Trivia Item Seven: Performances of plays and literature are very dear to the Czech people, as there was a movement to try to stamp out the Czech language. So many people wanted to attend live performances that there weren't enough actors to go round, so puppets were used instead. Puppets are still a common sight in a lot of shops and people buy them as souvenirs of Prague. A whole craft industry has grown up producing some very elaborately carved and beautifully decorated puppet characters. Will post images separately in the next post. Tootles for now!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

A Few Days in Prague

A few days in Prague is something I could never say if I still lived in North America. Most trips, particularly if it is to a foreign country involve hours and hours of air travel. Most times, you have to go for a considerable length of time to "make it worth it". The beauty of living in Europe is being able to "hop" to a new country and a new culture without it being a major

Da Movie Star incognito

Dinner out in my blue & white Bonmarche dress. No wrinkles!! Phone order line 0845 202 4490.
 trip. I feel like a "jet setter" with the expense of being a REAL jet setter. Put on a pair of dark sunglasses, and I can pretend I'm a movie star, travelling incognitio. (I have a good imagination.)

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Is it Ascot? No, it's a Wedding!

For a moment, I could be forgiven for thinking I'd been dropped off at Ascot, except for the fact that it's September and there are no horses around. No, it's the wedding from my previous post. So many fabulous hats!!

Monday, 23 September 2013

How I Love a Wedding!

Here I am at a recent wedding, in blue and white

How I do LOVE  a wedding, and I don't need to know the bride, groom, or any of the family to have a good time.  No, I get to go as a Wife of the Bell Ringer, which is Gorgeous Husband.  He makes the noise and rings the bells, I flash the hat!
I am wearing a wonderful blue dress from the David Emanuel collection for the fashion chain Bonmarche, along with the cream collarless coat, also from the same collection. I was fortunate enough to have the lovely folks representing Bonmarche ask me if I would model some of their clothes. Be still, my foolish heart! Would I? Would I ever!! As you can see, the mock wrap blue dress is a great dress for weddings, or a dinner out. It's dressy, without being so dressy that it is a one-occasion dress. And at £22, it's great value, especially as being jersey, it doesn't wrinkle. The cream collarless coat is also a good buy at £45. The label says "machine washable" which is good, as I am a mucky pup, but I'm not sure I will be brave enough to just chuck it in the machine! (I am so timid sometimes!) I found the neck to be a bit large on me, but with the addition of a cream scarf, I felt ever so chic. The blue hat and blue leather gloves were from my existing wardrobe, otherwise known as the Endless Stash. I just saw in the fashion section of i newspaper called "Hot Fuzz" that items like my blue fuzzy handbag are the very latest in chic. Well, there it is! I was on the cutting edge before I realized I was on the cutting edge. No way my fuzzy handbag cost £150 like the one in the paper though.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

What is it with Me and Shoes?

As I have mentioned before, I do like to travel light. Or, more accurately, airlines are making it expensive to do anything other than travel light. So, on a recent trip to Prague, I may have gone overboard. I packed only 3 outfits (which as it turned out, was more than enough) but only wore ONE pair of boots. I didn't wear anything new, as I had intended perhaps to ditch them, and come home with something new. Well, wasn't that a good plan? BUT...(oh, yes, there's always a "but", isn't there?) Who knew that this particular pair of "old faithful" boots were going to give up the ghost on the way to the airport?
My left boot, with its sole flapping like a duck bill.

So, OK, here we are in the airport, and I can hardly walk without tripping myself up.  Gorgeous Husband helpfully said that perhaps there would be a shoe repair somewhere in the airport, or we could buy some glue.  Was there?  Not in a million years!  Who goes to an airport to have their shoes repaired?!

Also, glue apparently is one of those "dangerous substances" that they don't allow on airplanes, and so no one sells it in any of the shops.  Well, what is a person to do??

I've got to admit, it was a ridiculous situation, and so, also called for some creative thinking.  We purchased a pack of gum, (yes... chewing gum) and between us, chewed up enough gum to stick down my sole temporarily.  I'll bet I was the only woman in the airport whose shoes smelled minty.

Fortunately, when we went through airport security, they didn't ask me to remove my boots, as I don't know if they would have believed that sticky substance holding my shoe together was actually chewing gum and not something new from the terrorist's arsenal.

Has anyone else had a travel wardrobe mishap?  Moral of the story: travel with more than one pair of shoes.  Just in case.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Victorians Shake a Leg

Yesterday, Gorgeous Husband and I went to a local historic church to help out with what was loosely termed "a history day". You, know, how things were in the past, and how they are now. As many of us as were interested were invited to show up in costume and do a few dances. Well, we never pass up the opportunity to get gussied up, so off we went: this time wearing our Victorian gear.

This is my friend Christine, dressed in what she termed "her Titanic dress".  It was gorgeous.  She not only sewed the dress from a pair of old curtains, but had also embellished the hat and made the lace handbag.

Here we are "taking tea" in the church after a bit of not very strenuous dancing.

The "Victorians" pause for refreshments

Rear view of Christine's hat and lace shawl over her dress.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

One Day in Summer

I've always loved the idea of a picnic, but in practice, we seldom actually do it. Is it having to make the sandwiches, or fill the flask (thermos) or what? I mean, really, how difficult is it anyway?? One day this summer we got our act together and decided to head out to Boscobel House, which isn't too far away. History note: Boscobel House is where Charles II hid in a tree in 1651 to hide from Parliament's forces after the Battle of Worcester. He was (literally) on the run, and if they had found him, it would have been "curtains" for him! (Well, he would have suffered the same fate as his father, which is to say, "off with his head!" The tree that he hid in is called the Royal Oak, and is still there and you can buy saplings from that very tree with a certificate of authenticity.

Here I am at the duck pond with our picnic.  Who wants a table when there is such a pretty setting as this?  (Although I was glad I didn't sit on any goose poo.)  We had a fantastic meal of crusty bread with brie, grapes, and some yummy salads.  I must say, I'm thrilled with my picinic basket, not just because I never had one before, but also because it was FREE.  Someone was throwing it out.  (Are they insane??!)

I especially like this navy and white polka dot sundress because of the lovely latticework on the back. It must have come from a charity shop, although it is one of the few items that I can't remember where it came from.  I just remember it was dirt cheap and originally didn't fit me.  Thank goodness I can sew.

The geese around the pond came to have a snoop and were hopeful of some crumbs.  They did get some, but not many.  It was too good to give away!  I'd forgotten the chutney, so we bought a jar of Red Onion Marmalade from the Boscobel gift shop.  Darn good it was too!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Twelve Minute Dash (part 2)

I'm going to continue my story about getting ready in 12 minutes, as on my last post about this, the computer unexpectedly died.  I thought it better to publish what I had rather than try it again.

This is another outfit from the Aberyswyth Museum.  They had lovely Victorian clothes, including the black high top button shoes, but my computer (for reasons best known to itself!) is not letting me post all the photos that I would like to put up.

In case you're interested, the "bare necessities" of my getting ready whirlwind were: drinking my daily dose of aloe vera, applying sunscreen (factor 30), putting on some make-up, chosing jewellery, quick whizz of comb through hair, and jumping into an outfit that didn't require much thinking.  If I'd had more time, I would have worn a striped black and white T shirt under the white jacket, but no worries.  No one arrested me for grabbing a white T instead.  I wanted to wear the striped shoes, as I think they look nautical and I don't wear them a lot.  They were a great bargain at £5, so even though I didn't exactly need them, they followed me home!

This is me at the Museum in front of an item of furniture called a "Welsh Dresser".  Basically, it's a cabinet that has space for displaying your best china and the drawers on the bottom are for storage.  At least, that's what it is commonly referred to in this country, but this type of thing probably has other names as well.

This photo shows my well-used white cotton jacket better than the other pictures.  It is sort of a waiter's jacket in styling.  I got it in a shop in Nice (France) that sold clothes that were techically too young for me to wear.  But I really like it, and the snug fit seems to enhance other outfits.  It has lived through having coffee and chocolate spilled on it, and getting grubby on car and train journeys.  It even survived my falling on my elbow without the sleeve ripping, so it is made of , ahem.... sturdy stuff!

How about you?  Have you ever had to get ready on the fly?  Can you beat my 12 minute record?!

One last shot: me at the  War Memorial in Aberyswyth.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Twelve Minute Dash

Last week, Gorgeous Husband and I decided that we would use his day off to go to the seaside.  We would take the train and it would be a jolly day out.  What we did NOT plan on, was oversleeping.  At 8:48 my head was still on my pillow, at 9:00 I was out the door.  This is what I look like when I get ready in 12 minutes.

Because we decided to go on the train to Aberyswyth, on the coast of Wales, we thought it would be nice to go on the train.  He ran ahead and got the tickets and I followed in about 5 minutes.  I got to the train station and NO SIGN OF HIM.  He forgot that I needed my ticket to get through the ticket barrier, so I had to charm my way past the attendents.  It was all a bit of fun, although I did have to promise to go to Aberyswyth with him at some later date!  (The things a girl promises!!)

It was a rather dreary day, a little rainy, but hardly enough to wet the umbrella.  So, we went into the Museum, which had some lovely displays.  I rather liked this lady from the 1940s.  I took another shot of her which showed her suit better, but unfortunately, the flash bounced off her glasses and made her look a bit inhuman, so I decided just to show this photo.

I also quite fancied these hunting outfits.  I think they do look quite dashing.  It reminds me that I have a pattern for a similar jacket, but not sure I have the patience to actually sew it.

Monday, 26 August 2013

More photos from Portsmouth

Just a few more photos from our trip to Portsmouth.  Here I am about to go onboard the Victory.  It was good of Gorgeous Husband to make sure the crown was right above my head! 

Second shot is of another "wooden guy" that would have been a ship's masthead.  Don't fancy him as much as the first fellow of my previous post.  Probably I'm a sucker for his eye patch!

The last photo is of the landmark building called The Spinnaker.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

My New Boyfriend

After a long absence (sorry, anybody whose been following me) I have re-invented myself with a new boyfriend.  He is a bit wooden, but you've gotta admit, he IS tall.  Actually, Gorgeous Husband, who took the photo, has told me I'm not allowed boyfriends.  Can you imagine?

Wanted to post more photos, but the computer has a stomach ache today, and is in the midst of a "wobbly". 

I met this wooden fellow in Portsmouth, when Gorgeous Husband and I went for a few days break. It was fabulous being on board the Victory (Admiral Nelson's ship) and seeing it for real.  Gorgeous Husband was overcome with emotion to be standing on the decks, having read so much about it and being such an avid history fan.  Even I was impressed, especially with Nelson's leadership abilities.  Apparently all his men loved him.

After leaving Portsmouth, Gorgeous Husband bought himself a book, Nelson's Men O' War: The Illustrated Story of of Life in Nelson's Navy.  He was like a cat with a bowl of cream!

More posts with more photos later when Missy Computer feels better.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Amazingly, it's good for you!

I received this email from a girlfriend, and thought I would pass it on to all my cyber-pals in Blog Land. 
In an evening class at Stanford University the last lecture was on the mind-body connection - the relationship between stress and disease. The speaker (head of psychiatry at Stanford) said, among other things, that one of the best things that a man could do for his health is to be married to a woman whereas for a woman, one of the best things she could do for her health was to nurture her relationships with her girlfriends.

At first everyone laughed, but he was serious. 

Women connect with each other differently and provide support systems that help each other to deal with stress and difficult life experiences.
Physically this quality "girlfriend time" helps to create more serotonin - a neurotransmitter that helps combat depression and can create a general feeling of wellbeing. Women share feelings whereas men often form relationships around activities. We share from our souls with our sisters/mothers, and evidently that is very GOOD for our health.

He said that spending time with a friend is just as important to our general health as jogging or working out at a gym. There's a tendency to think that when we are "exercising" we are doing something good for our bodies, but when we are hanging out with friends, we are wasting our time and should be more productively engaged? Not true. In fact, he said that failure to create and maintain quality personal relationships with other humans is as dangerous to our physical health as smoking!

So every time you hang out to schmooze with a gal pal, just pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for doing something good for your health! We are indeed very, very lucky. Sooooo let's toast to our friendship with our girlfriends. Evidently it's very good for our health.
So, there it is.  All that giggling, coffee drinking, gossiping and having fun is good for my organs and tissues and all that.  Who woulda guessed?
And here I thought I was just shopping for wool with my knitting pals!!  Apparently I was exercising myself into health at the same time.  Well, that's efficient, isn't it?

Sunday, 17 March 2013

What's that Blinding Light?

Although I inadvertently seem to have been hibernating lately, I was woken with a start by a flash of blinding light!  Turned out it was the blaze from my birthday cake candles!!

Well, what a wonderful birthday I've had, along with my pals, Jean from and Judith of   We 3 all celebrate our birthday within hours of each other, and interestingly, we seem to be "soul sisters" as well.  Maybe there really is something in astrology after all.

My birthday this year has been similar to what it usually is: a week long affair with eating out, coffees, cake, presents, a delivery van full of cards, flowers and things that can only be described as "delightful surprises".  Many thanks to Gorgeous Husband for his ingenious ideas, and my many wonderful friends.  How blessed I am!!

A gaggle of birthday cards.

A while before my birthday, I bought this red coat, although Gorgeous Husband thought it looked like something a medieval peasant would wear.  In this instance, I had to over-rule his judgement and have it.  I Iike everything about it, except it is a bit short, coming to mid-thigh.  I'll have to overlook that.

Here I am at the back entrance to the church.

A close up of the embroidery on the coat.

It has fantastic pewter buttons as well, and amazing pin-tucks.
 Did I mention it was on sale?  70% off.

This is what greeted me on the morning of my birthday: a large brown paper bag that had in it: a bag of peanuts, a bottle of Pina Colada, a carton of my utimate favourite, small red peppers stuffed with cheese, and a jewellery box from one of my favourite stores containing silver heart earrings!  Everything I like!! My Gorgeous Husband certainly knows the way to my heart.

I'd sooner have these than chocolates any day!!

I hope everyone has such a marvellous bunch of friends and family.  Hugs and kisses to them all!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

I Like it in Black, does it come in Brown?

I noticed the other day, whilst rummaging through the jungle of my boots/shoes that if I like the style of a pair of boots, I'm apt to get them in BOTH black AND brown.  (Like one colour wasn't enough!)

I discovered that I have 3 pair of black boots, and the identical number in brown.  To be fair, some of them were incredibly cheap, so it seemed completely against the Laws of Nature not to get 2 pair.

These are the first pair: I've photographed one of each colour to show you they are identical.  I like that these have a sort of Victorian look to them with their lace-up grommits. Marvellously comfy and cheap as well.  Good thing they didn't have more colours!

This next pair I bought on holiday in Lille, France.  They have a great lace-up ties in the back.  Strictly for looks, as they have a zip on the side.  I bought the black pair and discovered that they felt fabulous, and kept the rain out.  I asked Gorgeous Husband if he minded if I got the same ones in brown, and he (foolishly) said, "Do whatever you want."  (You can see the consequences of that!)

This last pair were very hard to photograph, as the suede seems to "eat up" the light, and makes them both look the same colour.  So I took 2 photos.  One pair is black, but the other is a dark chocolate brown.  I wear the black ones so often, I felt it only fair to give them some company.

Here are the brown ones, modelled on my feet.  Very versatile, and comfortable, considering how pointy they are.

And then I lost my heart (and wallet) these babies:

Pink cowboy boots?  Well, who doesn't NEED that?  Once again, quite flat and comfortable.  My friend took one look at them and said, "I could never wear those.  The toes are too long."  To be fair, the last 3 inches or so of boot is completely empty, which is why my feet aren't squashed.

Apparently they also had these boots in lime green, but fortunately, they had been sold, and only the pink ones were left.  That was a close call.  But really, even if I had to choose one, it would have been the pink ones anyway.  I like the way they look with my pink charity shop scarf.

They're just right for putting your feet up on the radiator!  I can hardly wait to introduce them to my summer clothes.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My Wonderful Friends

Something lovely happened to me the other day, and it caused me think of all the lovely friends I have, and how much they have all contributed to me and my sense of well-being.  Mucho, mucho thanks for you all! 

The lovely thing that happened was my good friend Sam (female Sam) had returned from a trip to India and this is what she brought me back as a present!

This lovely fabric is actually a sari, but I am going to sew it into a dress.  There are about 6 or 7 metres of it!  The lavender and rust colour combination is really chic.

AND she also brought me this lovely shawl/blanket/warm wooly rectangle:

This is a reversible piece of fabric, one side is bright pink and violet stripes, the other is bright pink and green and violet stripes.  It is soft and wooly and great as winter chill-chaser.  I might make a jacket out of it, but more likely I will leave it as a throw/shawl.  Wonderfully cosy!

How incredibly generous of her to think of me when she was seeing all those fabulous sites in India-- each day being overwhelmed with colour and brilliant images.  And in the midst of all this excitement, she thought of me and took the time and effort to bring these treasures home for me.  How lucky am I??

As well, I have recently been wearing this wonderful brooch on my coat, and people have been remarking on it.  That too,  reminded me that it was a present from a dear friend who I knew in Canada.  Someone who still lights up my life with her entertaining emails. 

Such good taste my friends have! I used to have a pair of earrings that matched the brooch, but I lost one some time ago.  I love the 2 pewter faces in the gold-coloured ring.

How wonderful it is to have friends -- whether they give you presents or not.  Wouldn't you agree?!