Tuesday, 17 September 2013

What is it with Me and Shoes?

As I have mentioned before, I do like to travel light. Or, more accurately, airlines are making it expensive to do anything other than travel light. So, on a recent trip to Prague, I may have gone overboard. I packed only 3 outfits (which as it turned out, was more than enough) but only wore ONE pair of boots. I didn't wear anything new, as I had intended perhaps to ditch them, and come home with something new. Well, wasn't that a good plan? BUT...(oh, yes, there's always a "but", isn't there?) Who knew that this particular pair of "old faithful" boots were going to give up the ghost on the way to the airport?
My left boot, with its sole flapping like a duck bill.

So, OK, here we are in the airport, and I can hardly walk without tripping myself up.  Gorgeous Husband helpfully said that perhaps there would be a shoe repair somewhere in the airport, or we could buy some glue.  Was there?  Not in a million years!  Who goes to an airport to have their shoes repaired?!

Also, glue apparently is one of those "dangerous substances" that they don't allow on airplanes, and so no one sells it in any of the shops.  Well, what is a person to do??

I've got to admit, it was a ridiculous situation, and so, also called for some creative thinking.  We purchased a pack of gum, (yes... chewing gum) and between us, chewed up enough gum to stick down my sole temporarily.  I'll bet I was the only woman in the airport whose shoes smelled minty.

Fortunately, when we went through airport security, they didn't ask me to remove my boots, as I don't know if they would have believed that sticky substance holding my shoe together was actually chewing gum and not something new from the terrorist's arsenal.

Has anyone else had a travel wardrobe mishap?  Moral of the story: travel with more than one pair of shoes.  Just in case.


No fear of fashion said...

Hahahaha... This cracked me up. It could have been me. Although I do take care of my shoes and boots quite well. The cobbler and I know eachother for more than 25 years.
My solution would have been: new shoes. Sneakers if I have to.

The Style Crone said...

Very creative solution to your shoe malfunction! I will have to remember this one, because it could happen to me! Who knew that chewing gum could hold everything together.

So happy to see you back in the world of blogging!

Anonymous said...

Great travel story! Perhaps a rubber band would also have worked (?) Just in case you had to remove your footwear. Believe it or not I pack a couple of safety pins and rubber bands along with band aids in my luggage - just in case. Again, great story!