Thursday, 5 September 2013

One Day in Summer

I've always loved the idea of a picnic, but in practice, we seldom actually do it. Is it having to make the sandwiches, or fill the flask (thermos) or what? I mean, really, how difficult is it anyway?? One day this summer we got our act together and decided to head out to Boscobel House, which isn't too far away. History note: Boscobel House is where Charles II hid in a tree in 1651 to hide from Parliament's forces after the Battle of Worcester. He was (literally) on the run, and if they had found him, it would have been "curtains" for him! (Well, he would have suffered the same fate as his father, which is to say, "off with his head!" The tree that he hid in is called the Royal Oak, and is still there and you can buy saplings from that very tree with a certificate of authenticity.

Here I am at the duck pond with our picnic.  Who wants a table when there is such a pretty setting as this?  (Although I was glad I didn't sit on any goose poo.)  We had a fantastic meal of crusty bread with brie, grapes, and some yummy salads.  I must say, I'm thrilled with my picinic basket, not just because I never had one before, but also because it was FREE.  Someone was throwing it out.  (Are they insane??!)

I especially like this navy and white polka dot sundress because of the lovely latticework on the back. It must have come from a charity shop, although it is one of the few items that I can't remember where it came from.  I just remember it was dirt cheap and originally didn't fit me.  Thank goodness I can sew.

The geese around the pond came to have a snoop and were hopeful of some crumbs.  They did get some, but not many.  It was too good to give away!  I'd forgotten the chutney, so we bought a jar of Red Onion Marmalade from the Boscobel gift shop.  Darn good it was too!


Vix said...

What a beautiful photo, I love that lace-up detail on the back of your dress and no, I can't believe anyone would be daft enough to chuck out a lovely picnic basket like that but thank goodness they were or it wouldn't be yours now!
I've visited Boscobel House, I believe they've a few pieces of furniture that were originally at Wightwick manor. xxx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

You look very glamorous in that fabulous dress. Love the bag and the picnic basket. xx

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Hi Rosemary, thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my blog. Did you have family ties to England before moving from Canada?

The picnic sounds lovely. And the setting is indeed beautiful!

Carina Rosenholm said...

well hello there ! How nice with a picnic! Thanks for visiting and nice comments on my hair.. the style is called - lazy.... Fixing my hair is not one of my strong sides. Self drie and quick - ready to go !
I have relatives in Canada !

No fear of fashion said...

This was a delightful English picture. Especially where you tell us about forgetting the chutney LOL.
We once bought a very expensive beautiful picnic basket with porcelain cups and real cutlery.
But when you see US walking from the boat to the picnic site, you see four people, one basket, 4 big towels, three big plastic bags with more food and other stuff. Which made the picnic basket so ridiculous that I gave it away after many years of collecting dust. So here is one of your insane people hahaha.