Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Is it Ascot? No, it's a Wedding!

For a moment, I could be forgiven for thinking I'd been dropped off at Ascot, except for the fact that it's September and there are no horses around. No, it's the wedding from my previous post. So many fabulous hats!!


Vix said...

How nice to see everyone making an effort to dress up. I love your hat the most! xxx

The Style Crone said...

What a fabulous 'hat review' and outfits to go with them . I am having a gigantic Hat Attack, for which I thank you very much!

Sam Warner said...

Love that last one in plum!,

No fear of fashion said...

What a collection of gorgeous hats. You will not find that easily in The Netherlands.
I cannot decide which one I like best. They are all so good.

Rosemary the Shopper said...

I'm glad that so many people love hats as much as I do. I AM becoming more comfortable wearing them, but it is so much nicer when you are not the only one!

Many thanks for your comments.