Wednesday, 5 February 2014

It's Almost a Hat

I forgot to mention in my post about the Isabella Blow exhibition that the reason I am having a photo of myself with a hat is that I am linking up with Judith Boyd's HAT ATTACK from her blog: I am going to try to do a link, but if it doesn't work, google

 Judith, bless her, has the most fabulous taste in clothes and hats. Especially hats, and is single-handedly bringing hats back to life in this very century. You know, the one we live in!

 Here is my "almost a hat". It is actually a fake furry headband, but most people mistake it for a Cossack style hat.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Getting Dressed, oh no! It's so difficult!

When we were in London last week, I picked up a copy of the London Evening Standard (as you do.)  It was free, and I thought it might be interesting to find out what the pulse of the Big City is like, being a confirmed Country Bumpkin.  Didn't use to be such a Bumpkin, but 17 years living outside a huge city and you do view "the metropolis" differently than you do if you are in the thick of it every day.

Naturally, I went to the fashion page, to discover an article called "The Invisible Dress".  Apparently, this is what we all need to get through the work week.  We should wear a dress, because being just one piece, instead of separates, we can manage to put a look together.

Then there was a selection of quite pricey, quite baggy, non-descript clothes.  Victoria Beckham's shift dress was the most form-fitting, and at £1050, the priciest.

Now, my reaction to this news (that I must have a dress, or it will just be TOO DIFFICULT to get dressed) must come as a result of not being in Fashion Central.  But I did have to think, "if that is the most pressing thing you have to manage, perhaps you should give the work world a miss!"  I mean, really.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Isabella Blow Exhibition

Many people are fashionable, or wear their clothes well, but few can be truly be called a style icon. Isabella Blow, however, was one of those people whose wardrobe and flamboyant sense of style stopped the presses. Google to see photos. Working in various fashion magazines, most notably Vogue, Blow is credited with recognizing the talent of, and launching the careers of both Alexander McQueen and the milliner, Philip Treacy. Tracey, especially was to become a life-long friend, and his creations, more sculptural fantasy than hat, were to add visual pizzazz to a girl who was already well on her way to being "over the top", as they say here in England. So, I was particularly interested in seeing the exhibition, "Fashion Galore" which showcased pieces from the late Isabella Blow wardrobe. As a moth who seemed to fly too close to the flame, Blow committed suicide in 2007 at only 49. Would I be as bold? Only if I could!