Thursday, 27 October 2011

Holey Dress!

This is another shop window from the shop Fibre and Clay in Knutsford.  Apparently this dress was a hit at Chelsea Flower Show this past summer.  Well, if you were young and lithe as the model was, I suspect this dress might have been a hit no matter where you wore it! 

I think it might have fit one of my legs, but I didn't try it on!!

Out and About Checking out Da Knitting

Somebody's been busy knitting, and it's not me!  Or at least, I didn't do this.  Actually, from the look of it, it looks more like crochet, if you are one of those people who can tell the difference.

It is a shop window in Knutsford, Cheshire.  This is a great shop called "Fibre and Clay".  It specializes in yummy knitted things and a lot of contemporary pottery/ceramics.  Now, I like the look of a funky tea pot as much as the next person, but I must admit it was the knits that got me.  Aren't those teddy bears cute?

Knutsford is a nice little place; I'd heard about it and thought, "I must go there someday."  The streets and shops were lovely, but I didn't especially like being DIRECTLY under the flight path of airplanes coming in to land at Manchester airport.  When the airplane overhead is so loud you can't speak to the person next to you, and you can physically count the rivets in the undercarriage, I think it's a bit TOO close!  I guess you get used it to if you live there. 

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Having tea at Lady Berwick's

Here I am with the cucumber sandwiches and the delicious scones with jam and cream.  How I love being waited on! 

The setting is Attingham Park, near Shrewsbury, in the late 8th Lady Berwick's former dressing room.  The walls are decorated with photos of her in the 1920s.  Very elegant she was too! She was painted by the artist Walter Sickert in 1933 as "The Lady in Blue."

How wonderful to be able to step back in time, if only in our imaginations!!  The hat wasn't strictly necessary, but it I felt the occasion called for it.

An afternoon of elegance at Lady Berwick's tea room

Here I am, ready to have afternoon tea at Lady Berwick's tea room in lovely Attingham Park.  It is a special occasion.  It's my "half birthday".  This is a tradition I started for Gorgeous Husband, whose birthday is near Christmas.  I thought it would be nice for him to have another birthday celebration at the half way point of the year, in order for it not to clash with other festivities.  This is not INSTEAD of his regular birthday, but an addition to it! Now I also get a half birthday.  Why not?!