Thursday, 6 October 2011

Having tea at Lady Berwick's

Here I am with the cucumber sandwiches and the delicious scones with jam and cream.  How I love being waited on! 

The setting is Attingham Park, near Shrewsbury, in the late 8th Lady Berwick's former dressing room.  The walls are decorated with photos of her in the 1920s.  Very elegant she was too! She was painted by the artist Walter Sickert in 1933 as "The Lady in Blue."

How wonderful to be able to step back in time, if only in our imaginations!!  The hat wasn't strictly necessary, but it I felt the occasion called for it.


The Style Crone said...

Love this photo amidst elegance. Hat with pearls! How perfect.

Coastal Harp said...

Loving your site! and scones/jam! I soooo need to gett back to England. Someday!