Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Most Sincere Compliment

Shopping for my "client" in my £12 outfit. 
 A friend of mine asked if I would help her friend look for an outfit. They both knew that I love to shop, so it would be no hardship for me to "have to" shop! "What kind of look are you going for?" I asked. "I want to look like YOU!" she exclaimed. I was SO flattered. Especially as my whole outfit cost about £12.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Hey, Cinderella!

I suppose you should never be surprised at what you find on your doorstep...particularly if you are going out the door on New Year's Day. Who knows what revelry has gone on outside your very own door? Case in point, Gorgeous Husband and I woke up to find this single, lovely silver slipper at our door. No Cinderella with it. Just the shoe. Pity only one shoe. Also pity it wasn't my size!

I would love to know what kind of night the owner of this shoe had.  Not tea and biscuits I presume!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Did you Blink?

Did you blink?  O.K.  That was Christmas.  That whole period starting sometime in December and ending up with a fireworks bang at New Year's-- that was a blink.  Or it was for me.  One minute I was thinking about maybe I should get some Christmas cards together and the next-- boom!  Holiday season over for another year!

Anyway, I wanted to post a photo of me in a hat for Judith Boyd's January "Hat Attack".  Bless her, she is certainly leading the way in how to look glamorous and stylish and completely chic, while wearing a hat.  Milliners must love her!  (Well, don't we all?)

Here is my hat photo: (that's me in the fur)