Thursday, 2 January 2014

Did you Blink?

Did you blink?  O.K.  That was Christmas.  That whole period starting sometime in December and ending up with a fireworks bang at New Year's-- that was a blink.  Or it was for me.  One minute I was thinking about maybe I should get some Christmas cards together and the next-- boom!  Holiday season over for another year!

Anyway, I wanted to post a photo of me in a hat for Judith Boyd's January "Hat Attack".  Bless her, she is certainly leading the way in how to look glamorous and stylish and completely chic, while wearing a hat.  Milliners must love her!  (Well, don't we all?)

Here is my hat photo: (that's me in the fur)


The Style Crone said...

Stunning! I love your hat, as always. You wear headwear with great style, and I appreciate that you shared your beauty with Hat Attack. I look forward to our continued friendship in 2014!

Aya in Couturgatory said...

You are so fashionable! The fur and hat are so elegant-looking.

I love that the people around you are also attired in headwear, though you honestly have the best one. :D

No fear of fashion said...

Looking very chic. The British are good with hats. You are one of them now haha. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". Or were you a hat lover before your move?
That fur pellerine (that is what we Dutch call them. No idea what it is in English) is totally hot now. Did you know? I saw one in pink faux fur by Ted Baker. I suppose because most coats this winter are without a collar.
I will link up to Judith with tomorrow's post. Bought a hat (does not really deserve this name) especially for it.

Melanie said...

Oh my, Rosemary. You look ultra chic in that hat and coat. Women will see you and think, hm, maybe I should start wearing hats now and shop for cool clothing... No kidding. Happy New Year!