Friday, 10 October 2014

Queen for a Day

On Saturday, I got the chance to live like royalty. Well, actually to BE royalty for the day. I was part of a World War One re-enactment of King George V and Queen Mary reviewing the troops about to depart for the war in Europe. As part of the re-enactment, we (King George and I) got to make a grand, royal entrance by arriving in a vintage chaffeur driven Rolls Royce car. When we arrived at the church where George was to give his speech, our arrival was announced by the town crier and heralded by buglers trumpeting out a welcome for us. (Well, as a native of North America, I never thought I'd get that kind of experience!) I must say, even though it was all a drama and make-believe, I do find it wonderful to "get into character" and forget for the moment that it is not a real experience. Just a natural ham, me. Here I am as Queen Mary. (The present Queen Elizabeth's grandmother, for those who aren't sure who she is.)