Monday, 23 September 2013

How I Love a Wedding!

Here I am at a recent wedding, in blue and white

How I do LOVE  a wedding, and I don't need to know the bride, groom, or any of the family to have a good time.  No, I get to go as a Wife of the Bell Ringer, which is Gorgeous Husband.  He makes the noise and rings the bells, I flash the hat!
I am wearing a wonderful blue dress from the David Emanuel collection for the fashion chain Bonmarche, along with the cream collarless coat, also from the same collection. I was fortunate enough to have the lovely folks representing Bonmarche ask me if I would model some of their clothes. Be still, my foolish heart! Would I? Would I ever!! As you can see, the mock wrap blue dress is a great dress for weddings, or a dinner out. It's dressy, without being so dressy that it is a one-occasion dress. And at £22, it's great value, especially as being jersey, it doesn't wrinkle. The cream collarless coat is also a good buy at £45. The label says "machine washable" which is good, as I am a mucky pup, but I'm not sure I will be brave enough to just chuck it in the machine! (I am so timid sometimes!) I found the neck to be a bit large on me, but with the addition of a cream scarf, I felt ever so chic. The blue hat and blue leather gloves were from my existing wardrobe, otherwise known as the Endless Stash. I just saw in the fashion section of i newspaper called "Hot Fuzz" that items like my blue fuzzy handbag are the very latest in chic. Well, there it is! I was on the cutting edge before I realized I was on the cutting edge. No way my fuzzy handbag cost £150 like the one in the paper though.


Sam Warner said...

Rosemary has such style and panache! I will definitely be looking at that gorgeous blue wrap dress. Right up my street.

Vix said...

That cobalt blue is wonderful on you , you look ravishing! xxx

The Style Crone said...

I love the blue white combination and Endless Stash provides the perfect pieces to complete this stunning ensemble. Glorious wedding outfit, Rosemary!

No fear of fashion said...

You look so, so lovely. Very stylish and elegant. I cannot believe your dress and coat were this price. If you had added a 0 or two I would have believed it as well.

Catherine said...

Love your blog Rosemary .. and absolutely covet the dress. That blue is spectacular.

ann wood said...

What a beautiful outfit for a wedding! I love the white coat with the blue. I wish Americans wore more hats, everyone looks so festive in hats in your pictures.

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