Thursday, 15 August 2013

My New Boyfriend

After a long absence (sorry, anybody whose been following me) I have re-invented myself with a new boyfriend.  He is a bit wooden, but you've gotta admit, he IS tall.  Actually, Gorgeous Husband, who took the photo, has told me I'm not allowed boyfriends.  Can you imagine?

Wanted to post more photos, but the computer has a stomach ache today, and is in the midst of a "wobbly". 

I met this wooden fellow in Portsmouth, when Gorgeous Husband and I went for a few days break. It was fabulous being on board the Victory (Admiral Nelson's ship) and seeing it for real.  Gorgeous Husband was overcome with emotion to be standing on the decks, having read so much about it and being such an avid history fan.  Even I was impressed, especially with Nelson's leadership abilities.  Apparently all his men loved him.

After leaving Portsmouth, Gorgeous Husband bought himself a book, Nelson's Men O' War: The Illustrated Story of of Life in Nelson's Navy.  He was like a cat with a bowl of cream!

More posts with more photos later when Missy Computer feels better.

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No fear of fashion said...

Hi Rosemary, lovely to hear from you again. I can imagine Gorgeous Husband does not allow you any boyfriends. And why would you with a Gorgeous Husband?
Hope to see more pictures of lovely you in the next future.