Thursday, 17 October 2013

My Pal

I love this photo.  This is my pal, Joan.  As my friend and I call her, The Poster Girl for Age UK.  She is so full of life and fun, despite her health problems. She's 84, and has the most beaming smile of anyone I've ever seen.

She told me that she loves to have fun with her clothes, and isn't worried if it is the latest fashion or not.  "As long as I like it, that's all that matters," she said.  Indeed, every day, and every clothing choice seems to be an adventure for her.

The Tibetan necklace that I am wearing is a gift from her.  She bought it when she lived in China in a little shop near to the Tibetan border.  "Going to China changed my life, " she told me.  "Before that, I was someone's wife, and someone's daughter, and someone's mother.  But when I went to China, I could just be me!"  She began that adventure in her 50s.

I will treasure the necklace, and our time together, as they are both part of a priceless legacy.


Melanie said...

Thanks for introducing us to Joan. What a cool woman, and a fantastic example that you can change your life when you feel like it. This is a great photo Rosemary.

Vix said...

Lovely photo of the pair of you, you look like true friends, I can almost feel the warmth!
Joan sounds like a lady after my own heart! xxx
PS Pencil the 23rd Nov in your diary, we're back in Bridgnorth then!

Chicatanyage said...

very inspiring and I love the bright pink sweater she is wearing.

popcosmo said...

What a fantastic quote... it just goes to show whatever age you are, you can do anything and feel amazing. How touching, and inspiring! Love that you shared your story and hers!

ann wood said...

What an inspiring post. Your friend is a lovely woman with some good advice. I can feel the admiration from the expressions in this picture!

blue hue wonderland

The Style Crone said...

How beautiful the two of you are in this photo. Joan is an amazing woman, but then look who's standing next to her. Thanks for sharing Joan's wisdom.

Ariane Lasalle said...

Hello Rosemary!

How are doing? I love seing woman like her, very inspiring- I love seniors, i wish i had a good pal just like her -
They make take a step back and enjoy life a bit more -
Cause at the end a smile as all that matters, right?

No fear of fashion said...

Beautiful story, beautiful necklace, beautiful smiles.
Have you seen Fashionable Fashionatas on YouTube? Great video about 6 women in the UK most of them in their 80-ties.