Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My Wonderful Friends

Something lovely happened to me the other day, and it caused me think of all the lovely friends I have, and how much they have all contributed to me and my sense of well-being.  Mucho, mucho thanks for you all! 

The lovely thing that happened was my good friend Sam (female Sam) had returned from a trip to India and this is what she brought me back as a present!

This lovely fabric is actually a sari, but I am going to sew it into a dress.  There are about 6 or 7 metres of it!  The lavender and rust colour combination is really chic.

AND she also brought me this lovely shawl/blanket/warm wooly rectangle:

This is a reversible piece of fabric, one side is bright pink and violet stripes, the other is bright pink and green and violet stripes.  It is soft and wooly and great as winter chill-chaser.  I might make a jacket out of it, but more likely I will leave it as a throw/shawl.  Wonderfully cosy!

How incredibly generous of her to think of me when she was seeing all those fabulous sites in India-- each day being overwhelmed with colour and brilliant images.  And in the midst of all this excitement, she thought of me and took the time and effort to bring these treasures home for me.  How lucky am I??

As well, I have recently been wearing this wonderful brooch on my coat, and people have been remarking on it.  That too,  reminded me that it was a present from a dear friend who I knew in Canada.  Someone who still lights up my life with her entertaining emails. 

Such good taste my friends have! I used to have a pair of earrings that matched the brooch, but I lost one some time ago.  I love the 2 pewter faces in the gold-coloured ring.

How wonderful it is to have friends -- whether they give you presents or not.  Wouldn't you agree?!


pastcaring said...

Absolutely! Friends, and our exchanges with them of humour, thoughts and feelings as well as gifts, are some of the greatest pleasures in life.
Gorgeous Indian fabrics, and the brooch is intriguingly quirky. xxxx

Val Sparkle said...

What beautiful things! That fabric is lovely.

Maybe you could wear the single earring as a pin in combination with the brooch.

No fear of fashion said...

Yes, I love getting presents and I love giving presents. But most of all I love friends and laughing. And the two go together very well. Where would we be without friends?

Tamera Beardsley said...

you are all loved my dear! Thank you for sharing your joy!

Rosemary the Shopper said...

Many thanks to everyone who commented. Including the dear friend who brought me the goodies from India. She says she can't leave a comment (it won't let her) but says I've got these wonderful things because of good karma. Aaah! Ain't mutual admiration great?

Anonymous said...

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