Friday, 24 August 2012

A Military Wedding

One of the advantages of being married to Gorgeous Husband (one of many!) is that he is a bell ringer, and as such, he gets to go to a lot of weddings to ring.  We both love weddings, and seeing as our nephews are not coming forth with family weddings, we enjoy going along as "unofficial" wedding guests.  Actually, anyone can go to the church when a wedding is taking place, so it's not like we are gatecrashers.  Besides, I have to give the signal to the bell ringers to stop ringing once the bride has arrived at the church door.  You see, I do have my uses!

                               Red hat and purse, black dress, white short sleeved jacket,
                               black bangles: all charity shops
                                                   Waiting at the lynch gate.

                            The crossed swords that the bride and groom will pass under.
                            I love a man in uniform, and lots of men in uniform is even better! 

The happy couple

                                            Flowers inside the church  All very tasteful!

 Here I am with the confetti, which was made up of dried flower petals, nicely presented in a paper funnel.  They had made the funnel out of a photocopy of their wedding announcement in the newspaper and circled their notice in red. 

It was a gorgeous summer day (one of the few we've had this year) and it was great to sing "I Vow to Thee My Country" and "Jersulaem" as patriotic hymns for the ceremony.

May they have a long and happy life together!


pastcaring said...

I like the sound of church bells, and always love to see a lych gate. You look very fetching in your hat! xxx

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

I adore your red-punctuated outfit. Wedding-guesting-via-bell-ringer - what a really neat way to get more use out of dress-up clothes!

Chicatanyage said...

I too love a man in uniform. Good hat and colour combination.

Vix said...

Like Curtise, I do love a lych gate (and a fabulous hat like yours) but weddings aren't for me! x

grunge-queen said...

Love the hat and your entire outfit - very pretty. Aside from my own, I haven't been to a wedding in a while!

Anonymous said...

This is my first introduction to a lych gate! I'm curious to know more about the custom. You look lovely.

Anonymous said...

Lovely hat! I bet all the photos from this wedding were great. The church looks like a beautiful place. I love churches ;)

The Style Crone said...

Love the red hat, bag and nail polish. And the thought that you have the responsibility to signal the arrival of the bride. Sounds like a very important role, and beautifully accomplished in this outfit.

Melanie said...

So that's what it's called, a lych gate. I adore that. I thought it was mostly a film extravagance! You look lovely. I like the concept of the flowers strewn like confetti.

Jean at said...

How delightful and you look so pretty in your outfit!! I like happy events, like waiting at the airport and watching all the people welcome home their loved ones. Of course, it's not nearly as scenic as this. And you got to sing songs you love? Even better.


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