Friday, 31 August 2012

The Folk Festival

Even though the papers are tellling us, over and over and over, that this is wettest summer Britain has ever experienced, the weather was actually fine last weekend when we went to the Shrewsbury Folk Festival.  Luckily, the world doesn't stop because it might rain!

                    Seeing as it was folk music, I thought I had better wear denim.  (I think it's the law.)
                                         Denim jacket (some store, somewhere!) 
                                         Taupe pinafore-type thing: Tara shop,
                            khaki skirt under the pinafore, market outside Wembley Stadium,
                                  the ever-ready cowboy boots, and a lot of jewellery.

                                                 Performers doing Morris dancing

 This woman leading one of the troupes of dancers had a great hat: a copy of Windsor Castle

 We were lucky enough to catch this group of musicians playing in The Wheatsheaf.  It all sounded like variations on an Irish jig to me, very spirited and lively.  People seemed to be coming and going, one would start up a song, others would join in, then it would turn into another song, then someone would get up to go get a pint, when the music ended, some musicians left, others joined.  It seemed to be a very fluid arrangement.  I counted 8 accordians, 4 violins, 2 flutes and one fellow playing the spoons.  It was jolly, I can tell you!  The space was cramped, which I suppose, made it all the more fun.  Only enough room to pass through to get to the bar!  All you had to do was buy a pint and listen for as long as you wanted.

It sounded like the type of music they have in pubs in Dublin, but having already been to Dublin, I thought these fellows were much better. It seemed so spontaneous and "off the cuff".

One fellow wore a tee-shirt that said:  TEENAGERS
                                  Are you fed up with being hassled by your stupid parents?
                                                         ACT NOW!
                                  Move out, get a job, and pay your own bills while you are still young
                                           enough to know everything.

I thought that was a laugh.  Gorgeous Husband took some video on his phone of the music, but unfortunately, it didn't come out.

             The Framptarn Guggen band played while wearing black & white cow costumes.

 Once home, I was so inspired, I had to do some high stepping myself, although a chair helped with my balance!


pastcaring said...

That looks like fun! I like a bit of folk music, some of the playing is just incredible, though I am less keen on the Morris Dancing finger-in-the-ear type of English folk... I used to go to a pub where there were always people playing guitar, mandolin, fiddle, bodhran and singing on a Sunday lunchtime, everyone got drunk but it didn't seem to affect their playing at all!
Your hitched double skirt and denim look is perfect for the occasion. Did you join in the chorus?! xxxx

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

What fun! I love your outfit - especially the pick-up hem on the tunic and wow those fabulous cowboy boots!!! The layers work so well with your jacket and long necklaces - everything is just great.

Melanie said...

I love your outfit here! Just the thing for this event. I'm am so impressed by your history working at Western Living Magazine. Yess, it is still around. It is the parent of Vancouver magazine I think. How cool that you wrote about art in it! You are a dark horse... I would love to know more about your past.

Anonymous said...

I love it when we stumble on live music like this! Was anyone moved to dance? Admiring the taupe pinafore.

Vix said...

i'm just back from a folk festival, you can't beat it, can you? You look totally at home there in the pub! x

Jean at said...

You look happy and comfy in this wonderful outfit! The layers are outstanding and I think I remember coveting those boots.

Glad you had a great time; wish I could've joined you!!

The Style Crone said...

Perfect outfit to wear to a folk festival and the boots are particularly special. Nothing like music to inspire and you look like you're having a great time in the pub. I love the descriptions of your adventures with Gorgeous Husband.