Monday, 13 August 2012

Good-bye Olympics!

Well, I decided that today was the day to finally take down the flag bunting, which has been around our front door since the days of Queen's Diamond Jubilee. 

Strangely, seeing as I am not sports fan, and was never really in favour of the Olympics coming to London in the first place, I was actually won over.  Me and sports?  That just doesn't seem to go together, sort of like swimming lessons for giraffes.  Not done!

But, nevertheless, I stand corrected.  They were fabulous.  Wonderful for the morale of the country, and Team GB winning 65 medals was so inspiring.  I can hardly believe it's over.  I will miss the human drama -- the nail bitting finishes, the tears, the heartbreak, even the razz-a-ma-tazz of it all.  I never would have guessed it would "get to me".

 The last view of the Union Jack bunting.  Me holding a little Team GB flag that came with specialty beer.

                         Wearing white skirt with my knitted edging, white tee shirt, oatmeal
                          crocheted waistcoat, cowboy boots and assorted bangles.

A better view of the bangles.  All charity shop, except the pewter rope one,
which came from Boots

In honor of all the number of times God Save the Queen was played for the gold winning athletes, I've included this picture, which was taken in front of a local restaurant during the Queen's Jubilee.  I see they've seen repainted the wall, which is kind of a shame.  I like the way the "N" on Queen is backwards.

What did other people think of the Olympics?  Good?  Bad?  Indifferent?


Vix said...

Two fab outfits and lusting after those divine bangles, too!
Love the God Save the Queen graffiti,the backwards "N" makes me think of the version by the Sex Pistols (my favourite by far)!
Loved the Olympics, I spent most of it welling up and being tremendously proud of Team GB. Can't wait for the Paralympics now and having spent a few weeks in Brazil I know 2016 will be amazing! xxx

Chicatanyage said...

I just loved them. Now I don't know what to watch when go to the gym for my 40 minutes on the treadmill. They definitely inspired me to work harder and go faster.

Jean at said...

This is hard to confess, but.....I didn't watch any of it. I never watch TV. I have one but I'm just not a fan of it. I hate the commercials, which is ironic because that's how I earn my living.

The only way I'll watch is to put on a home and garden show, for example where they feature people looking for real estate in exotic places. I'll get on my exercise bike for 20 minutes and then I'm done. 30 minutes if the show is good. That's it. No more TV.

I heard the Olympics were wonderful, however. Thank you for sharing your experience. BTW, I love your pretty outfit!!

The Style Crone said...

I got caught up in the Olympics myself! It must have been exciting to be in England during this time. You look very celebratory with your flag, the cowboy boots, white skirt and the bangles.

Rosemary the Shopper said...

Oh Vix, you make me laugh. Bangle lust. Well, there it is. I think we have mutual bangle lust, as I'm always "eyeing" yours up and wishing they were mine.

I wish I was like you Jean, and didn't watch TV. I wonder what I would get done? It's such a seductive time-waster.

Thanks for all your comments.

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Yep, I only watched what the hubs made me watch!

pastcaring said...

i loved the Olympics, I'm missing it now it has finished!
You look lovely, that skirt is fabulous. xxx

Mrs. D said...

I watched the opening ceremony and that was fun and that was it! I am not a sporty person and I rarely watch tv so it all went over my head.

As for your outfit, I really like it, especially the cowboy boots (I'm seriously having a crush on them lately) and the pewter braided bracelet, so pretty!

Melanie said...

I confess, I didn't watch any of the Olympics. I stayed tuned vicariously through blogger observation - your enthusiasm was contagious and it was sad to see your bunting come down!

I love what you're wearing here - those cowboy boots are perfect. It's so hot here I couldn't get away with boots today. Like you, I prefer cooler days. It's funny how our tastes change.

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

What a great combination of bangles, cowboy boots, and knitted trim! Nicely done.

The way you wore the skirt with the lacy tights and ankle boots a couple of posts back is also lovely.