Sunday, 25 September 2011


Sorry to be posting this without images, but I don't have any for this story, and I think using your imagination will do it more justice!

Should you DIY?  (Do it yourself?) Or DDYI?  (DON'T do it yourself.)  Let the following story be a cautionary tale.

I heard of someone whose husband wasn't especially good at DIY, but unfortunately, he WAS willing.  In the absence of having proper support, he began sawing on the living room coffee table.  Consequently, he sawed not only through the wood, but also through the table.  Wife was not pleased.  In fact, she FORBADE him doing any more DIY and getting in the professionals.

Did he listen?  Did he, heck!  She came home one day to see that he had taken the back door off its hinges to install a cat flap.  To her surprise, he did a marvellous job of it.  It fit beautifully and looked like it was done by a "proper" workman.  Then he put the door back on its hinges, and discovered that the cat flap was actually 5 feet in the air!

Even more astounding, the cat has learned how to use it!  However, the poor beast has to launch itself at the cat flap and sometimes comes through with such velocity that it ends up in the sink.

I ask you, is this a case for DDIY?  It is unless half coffee tables and cat flaps 5 feet above ground are your cup of tea!

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