Thursday, 12 January 2012

Knitting Men's Socks, also known as the Devil's Own Work

                                                     Handknit socks, begun 2011

Here are the handknit socks that Gorgeous Husband was to have had for Christmas.  I had to give up in despair a few days before the Big Day, and concede that even with elves, I was not going to finish them on time.

The reason I decided to make socks was that my dear one said, "No, don't bother knitting me a sweater.  It's too much work."  In my innocence, I thought a pair of socks would be just the ticket to make instead.  I had NO IDEA how difficult it would prove to be.  Just look at those 4 needles chasing each other around and around.  It's the Devil's own work, I tell you.  It didn't exactly help when a lady old enough to be my gran said, "oh, I haven't seen anyone knit socks since my mother did it!"

Let me tell you why no one knits socks anymore.  First of all, the "raw materials" cost £7.  Then I had to buy my "knitting tutor" a coffee (twice) for her help in sorting me out (£2.30 x2= £4.60.  I wasn't sure if I would have enough yarn, so I had to buy an extra ball in case I ran out (another £3.50) The pattern and the needles were borrowed, so that's a mercy.  Bear in mind you can buy about 6 pairs of socks for £1 or something ridiculous.

The reason the eyeglasses are in the picture is because they are magnifying glasses, which makes the knitting so much easier.  It makes the strands of wool look like ropes.  Thank goodness for that.

Everything that could have gone wrong with the project did so, and some of the screw-ups happened more than once.  Once all the stitches fell off one of the needles because it accidentally got caught on something.  So I had to laborously pick them back up, making sure they all "faced" the right way.

The pattern is mostly gibberish but with the added spice of being written in abbreviations.  But I can now S1,K1, psso and turn with the best of them!

At this rate, I think I may be finished in time for Valentine's Day.  I only started in November, so really, I'm racing along.  If the needles weren't so fine it feels like knitting with eyelashes, no doubt I'd zip along faster.

And you know what the real heartbreaker of it all is?  Once they are done, what have you got?  Just a pair of black socks, which will be hidden under trousers and stuffed inside shoes.  There's no bragging rights with this at all! 


The Style Crone said...

You have bragging rights for even attempting this task! Your persistence is admirable and It's the thought and act of making something by hand for your loved one that speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

Sock knitters swear that their gifts are highly appreciated because they feel so heavenly. When you have finished, please show us and maybe I'll summon the patience to try it too. And keep leftover the yarn for darning!

Anonymous said...

Good Grief! I was just looking for patterns and how-to's when I stumbled on your item. I wish you good luck and hope you really do finish them. :)