Thursday, 20 September 2012

World of Polka Dots

Honestly, I don't know where the last couple of weeks have gone.  I seemed to have slipped into a hole called "I'll-do-it-sometime-soon".  Except of course, the soon is a pretty elastic term!

 I discovered that I had some nice navy polka dot items in my wardrobe that I had forgotten about, so I decided to fix the skirt and wear it to church one Sunday.  I adore these polka dot shoes, but they are quite tight, so I only wear them for limited periods at a time.  It doesn't show up too well, but one of the bangles is polka dot too.

 I'm waiting for my capuccino on one of the outside patio tables at a lovely farm shop not far from home, where we often go after church.  There was a swarm of wasps all making camp in a bowl of sugar cubes on the table, making quite a nuisance of themselves.  I moved the bowl, only to find that the wasps then buzzed around even more threateningly, as they were looking for their sugar treat!  When they discover where it had gone (only the next table over) they lost interest in me.

This lovely cafe used to sell a huge slice of brownie with whipped cream, dusting of icing sugar and a sliced strawberry, all for £1.29. Unfortunately, they've wised up that that was way too cheap, and I don't even remember seeing it on the menu anymore.  What do they say?  Good while it lasted!

This is almost the same outfit, adding a polka dot jacket and dress and a black sheer hat to the same shoes when we were at a wedding earlier in the summer. They did a lovely job of decorating the lych gate with flowers.  (How I love weddings!)

 I also got these lovely strappy sandals for only £6 at New Look.  I didn't plan on buying them, as I don't really have anything in the coral shade.  It would have been better if they had just done the shoe in beige patent, but hey...they ARE comfortable and cute, and when you see such a bargain, you have to buy them.  It's the law.

Does anyone else discover they have hidden treasures lurking in their wardrobes?  Things you haven't been wearing because it needed fixing, or in the case of my polka dot shoes, they were just in an old suitcase.  Isn't it nice when an archelogical dig of the wardrobe yields something?


Melanie said...

Ha, archeological digs? Wouldn't I love to find an Indy Jones in my closet! Yes, I sometimes stumble across something and wonder what the problem was before.

You look fantastic in the dots! I remember when the newly-engaged Diana wore dots all the time and blue and white dots were everywhere. I still have a couple of blouses from that era. Your shoes are wonderful. Maybe you could wear the coral shoes as a neutral? They are too great to wait for a matching outfit!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Oh Rosemary, your dots-combinations are stellar! Well done! Ditto Melanie on the new sandals - just stick 'em on with anything, they'd be great.

I have a huge mountain of mending!!!!!!! I miss wearing the special things that are stuck in there. I'm hoping to have a bit of time to make a dent in it soon. Darn that time factor!

pastcaring said...

Dots-on-dots works well, I think! I excavate all sorts from my wardrobe which I had forgotten about, and a mending pile which always seems to grow, never shrink...
I agree, ar the sandals whenever, wherever, they could definitely go with anything. xxx

The Style Crone said...

I love the polka dots! You do them so well and the addition of the hat is brilliant. You always have me laughing and yes, I do have surprises during wardrobe excavations. Another reason to continue with the organizing projects that continue to unfold.

Susan said...

When I was in my twenties, I bought a pair of navy and white polka dot earrings. Forty years later, they lie in wait in my accessories hanger because I haven't found any great navy/white polka dot items in a long time; everyting I had was worn to tatters. Your post inspires me to keep looking. I LOVE your shoes! (If only they made SPANX for feet.)

Veshoevius said...

I love the polka dot shoes!