Monday, 25 July 2011

Playing at being Victorians

Here I am in the Dingle in Shrewsbury, a delightful little park more or less in the town centre.  My gorgeous husand and I are playing at being Victorians.  On the left of the photo is a fellow dressed as a Victorian policeman, and on my other side, dear husband, dressed in an outfit that -- to be honest, resembles somthing a travelling snake-oil salesman might wear.  He is supposed to be a politician, so I'll let you draw what conclusions you like from that, in regards to how appropriate it is!

We are part of the Shrewsbury Heritage Group and are re-enacting the Olympic Games, that were revived by William Penny-Brooks, and held in Shrewsbury in 1864.  Yes, my Candian friends, even before Canada was a nation!  The history is all around us here in England, and every once in a while I put in my "North American eyes" and marvel at it all!  The church in the background of the photo is St. Chad's where Charles Darwin was christened. 

Here is a close up of my Victorian booties, and even though they were just the right thing to wear, they weren't made for comfort.  Still, I could manage for a few hours, and that's what us Victorians do, suffer for beauty!

Love from England,

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