Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Surprising Benefits of Not Throwing Things Out

I don't have a photo that I want to post today, so I thought I would tell  a story instead.  The reason I am able to come up with this story is that I wrote it for a contest several years ago, and not being one to throw things away, I ran across it this morning.  The object of the competition was to tell a story in 50 words exactly.  At first I found it difficult, but then I got into the swing of it, and wrote lots of them.  Fortunately, they are all together in draft form in my old notebook!  (Also a bit of dust on the cover, but let's not be picky!)  It's called:

Resolution Therapy

New Year's Eve, Elsa began a life review, starting with her failures.  By number 39, she was depressed.

Her therapist recommended delving into her past. Instead, Elsa wrote a best-seller called "How-Not-To-Do-It".

Years later, finding her original list, Elsa burned it, along with the therapist's card.

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Judith said...

Good one! I know the benefits of not throwing things away!!!!