Monday, 28 November 2011

The Victorians meet the Darlek. Is it Dr. Who???

  Yes, it doesn't just look like a Darlek, it IS a Darlek.  Are we in a Dr. Who film?  No, Gorgeous Husband and I are at a friend's 40th wedding anniversary party and her son is mad on Darleks.  So, of course, we had to have a photo with the beast.  Contraption?  Creature?  Special Effect?  Whatever, it is, we do look like we're in an episode of Dr. Who!

The party was fun and enjoyable, but interestingly, we found walking the streets dressed as Victorians even more entertaining, as we were stopped three times by strangers to tell us how dashing we looked. 

The anniversary party was held in the Lion Hotel in Shrewsbury, where Darwin caught the London stage coach on his way to sea, and also where he stayed on his return.  How historic!  So either Gorgeous Husband was Darwin, or he could have been Charles Dickens, who also did a reading at this very same Lion Hotel.  This history lark is really heady stuff for someone such as me,  born in Canada.

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