Friday, 10 February 2012

Our 15 minutes of fame, minus about 14 minutes

 How fabulous to receive an email yesterday with the video clip of myself and Gorgeous Husband when we visited Highclere Castle, the location for the filming of the fabulous Downton Abbey.  We knew that we were being filmed as part of a documentary that was going to be aired on Australian TV, but the filming was in November, so one tends to forget that eventually these things come out!
Other photos of Downton appear on this blog appear in November, 2011.
Many thanks to Helen, of P and P Tours, who organised the trip and forwarded the video clip.
 Myself and one of the other members of the trip.  I'm in the black hat.
The following documentary is a good overview of the Downton Abbey  programme and gives a balanced view (both pro and con) for what it was like to be a servant in a large country estate at the turn of the century.
In this clip,  Gorgeous Husband and I appear at about the 8 minute mark.  There is a scene of us coming down the lovely carved wooden stairs.  We must have gone up and down those stairs 10 times while they tried to get it just right!  It was such a treat to get to see the castle again.

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The Style Crone said...

Congratulations! So exciting to see you in this video clip. You are both dressed perfectly for the documentary and oh - the Hat! It was a treat. I am a fan of Downton Abbey, so your 'fame' has special meaning to me.