Monday, 2 April 2012

Before the Video

Here I am, standing around, waving my bottle of Aloe Vera drinking gel before we begin the video promoting healthy living.  The slogan on the tee shirt tells people to go for their free NHS health check when they get the call do so.  Basically, an MOT for the body.  For those of you who are in North America reading this: an MOT is a mandatory yearly checkup for vehicles to be sure they are road worthy. 

When the video is ready, it will be posted on YouTube, so will link to that when it is all put together.  I doubt I will feature much in it (it was a cast of thousands) but at least there's a chance people will see the yellow bottle.  (That's me.) 

For those who are wondering why I am holding a bottle of Aloe Vera gel, it is because I am an independent Forever Living distributor, and I am promoting the health benefits of having aloe in your system.  In a nutshell, it is beneficial for the skin, gut, joints and immune system.  Why not try to encourage your body to perform at its best? 

It was a fun day, although a lot of standing around Telford town centre, waiting for the signal to be off and running. 


Melanie said...

You are quite the media personality! First Downton Abbey, now this? Who's your agent?

You look vibrant and happy so the yearly physical and the aloe must be working!

Jean at said...

I agree with Melanie! You look vibrant and healthy. You're a good spokesmodel! Plus you look great in that shade of blue.

Love, Jean

Rosemary the Shopper said...

Aw shucks! Many thanks guys for the vote of confidence! A spokesmodel, moi? Oh, I wish!

Well, aloe vera does slow down the ageing process, so by that reckoning, I wish I'd known about it 20 years ago!!

You've both made my day.
Much love,

The Style Crone said...

You are glowing in blue, so what you are doing is working. Health comes first! Love your vibrant smile.

Rosemary the Shopper said...

Many thanks Judith. I didn't realize how happy I was at the time, but the photo certainly shows it. Nothing like the excitment of possibly getting my mug in front of the camera!

Much love,