Thursday, 19 July 2012

Adventures in Knitting

I love to knit, but unfortuantely, I normally don't get my project finished.  I'm a great starter.. and have lots of ideas and plans. 

I started this white edging with the intention of sewing it on the bottom of a white skirt, and using it as a petticoat.  It was simple knitting (I made up  the pattern) but it did take quite a while as the skirt was miles and miles around the bottom!  The beige edging is finished, waiting to go on another project, which is underway.

But I did get it finished and wore the white skirt  for Canada Day (1 July, 2012)

Here it is as I intended, worn as a petticoat, under a skirt.  (One of our rare sunny days.)

For anyone who is interested in knitting, and would like a project that doesn't require much of your attention, I have included the pattern.

First, I cast on 13 stitches.  Then from here on, everything is in the knit stitch, which gives a bumpy surface, called garter stitch.

So, cast on 13 stitches.  Then decrease one stitch every second row.  One side of the edging will be the selvedge (don't decrease on that side) and the decreasing slope of the other side will begin to give you the triangle.

After you have decreased down to 5 stitches, cast on another 8, so you are back with 13 again.  Repeat endlessly, or until you have the right amount to sew onto whatever you want. 

You can work this edging in any width you want.  If you want it wider, cast on more.  Narrower, cast on less.  Change it to suit what you want.

It's easy to rip up if you make a mistake, and it grows at a reasonable rate.  I used number 11 needles, or about 3.5mm.  Whatever suits you.  Let me know if you make it.


Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful. So glad you finished it!
I love the picture showing the edge with your lace stockings and booties.

Ivy Black said...

It looks lovely, and fab with with the boots.

Vix said...

Wonderful, I love it! x

The Style Crone said...

You have revealed yet another of your many talents. I'm impressed that you created the pattern. The white edging looks beautiful with your boots and with your Canada Day outfit.

pastcaring said...

It's gorgeous, especially with the boots. Well done for finishing! xx

Jean at said...

Wow!! It's so beautiful and adds a whole new dimension to your outfit. One of my sisters knits (I don't, unfortunately) but I'm going to pass this on to her. Maybe it will be my Christmas present!!

Susan said...

Thank you for this very portable project. Suddenly all the babies in our family are girls, and wouldn't they all look lovely in trimmed sweaters?

financial planner sydney said...

Just like you I'm a great starter too. I have a lot of ideas working in my mind but I can't finish it. I lose my drive in the middle of the project. Or I'm just plan lazy. lol

Rosemary the Shopper said...

Many thanks for your comments! I would love to see the photos if you do use the pattern for edging on the sweaters, Susan.

If anyone has a problem with knitting it up, please email me and I will try to help.


Style Mentor™ said...

I so wish I had the time to knit! I have a few skirts I would love to put this on, it is the answer to my problem of being a tad too short. You are giving me some ideas though. Thanks for the inspiration! :-)

Mrs. D said...

Haha, I'm exactly like that, all enthusiasm and it wuickly dies out :)
Glad you finished this one as it looks great!