Sunday, 1 July 2012

Happy Canada Day

Well, here it is: July 1, which is Canada Day.  So Happy Canada Day to everyone I know in Canada.  Hope you are having a great day doing something fun and waving the flag. 

Gorgeous Husband and I are celebrating in our own small way by wearing red and white today.  It's not really the weather for wearing white, but that can be overlooked.  I don't actually have much in this colour scheme, so had to sort of patch it together.

One lady at church said that I looked very "summery" so I had to explain that I was wearing Canada's national colours in honor of Canada Day and not for what is laughingly called our "summer".

I only had this dinky little flag to wear, but it does the job.  Someday I might get a decent sized maple leaf brooch just for July 1.

These are my charity shop boots that are ridiculously high, but it was really too cold to wear sandals.  I wouldn't say these are comfortable, but they're not too bad.  I just have to walk like a geisha when I've got them on.  Tiny, tiny little footsteps!

I'm quite pleased with the jaggedy edging on the skirt, as I knit that myself.  It was really easy, just miles and miles of it to go round the skirt.  I plan on using the skirt as a petticoat most times, and have the triangle edging peeking out.  The beige edging is more complicated, but once I got onto it, it wasn't too bad.  That edging is destined to join a sleeveless top that I am going to knit.

Gorgeous Husband wore this maple leaf lapel pin to church, along with a red tie.  He is naturalized Canadian, so will always love the country as his adopted home, in the same way I love Britain.

He found this lovely Canada fleece in a charity shop here for only £3.95.  It was for the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Whistler and Vancouver, so goodness knows how it ended up here.  And also who was the exact same size?  Rather neat, considering we are about to have the Olympics here in England in less than a month.  What a small world, eh?


Melanie said...

Happy Canada Day to you, Rosemary! You do our colours proud, and your husband too! I love your hand-knitted hemline trim. Gorgeous. I'd like to see the beige one when it's done too. To celebrate I did my inspiration walk as usual and later O and I went out, passing by the jazz fest as well. Sadly, I didn't wear red and white, but I think my outfit had shades of red in it somewhere...

Vix said...

Happy Canada Day to you both, very pleased to see that you're celebrating in style and that the sun made a special appearance! x

pastcaring said...

Happy Canade Day! Hope it didn't make you miss home too much. Love the added trim on your skirt. xxx

Kathleen Lisson, CSW said...

Happy Canada Day!

The Style Crone said...

Happy Canada Day to the both of you. Your knitted hemline trim with the patterned hose and boots look very celebratory from here. Showing us more of your talent!

Style Sud-Est said...

Happy belated Canada Day- this is fun you celebrating Canada Day in the UK - nice the red and white outfit -

Thank you Rosemary for commenting on my blog, i am not always around, i am so delinquant -

Ariane xx