Monday, 19 November 2012

A Trip Down Memory Lane

The last time I was at this magnificent Tudor mansion in Cheshire was 17 years ago.  How can I be so sure?  I first set eyes on Little Morton Hall the day after Gorgeous Husband and I had had our English wedding.  I don't remember if we knew what we were going to see, or if we found it by chance, but I do remember that by the time we arrived, after an hour or so of twisting roads, I felt sick as a dog.  I sometimes get carsick, and so it was the day we arrived at here.

Before even having a look around, I went to the cafe to have a coffee and see if I could feel a bit more human.  I decided to have a " cherry flapjack" as they had that on the menu.  I was accustomed to seeing a flapjack as a small pancake in Canada, and I thought it sounded rather good.  However, what arrived was something that looked like a granola bar.  In England, a flapjack isn't a pancake at all! 

Some of the beautiful leaded glass windows.  Original Tudor mansion from the 1600s.

This building is one of those fabulous old Tudor buildings, unique in the way its architecture resembles a line of washing, all sagging inward, and full of peculiar angles and nooks and crannies. Some architects aren't sure why the building is still able to stand, considering its "unusual" sloping condition.

                      An "artistic" photo.  Gorgeous Husband framed me in the leaded pane.

 This is the Long Gallery, which is upstairs.  Apparently, the ladies of the day used to use this long open space to exercise by walking up and down, back and forth.  Not the most interesting of past times, I wouldn't say.
This fireplace, with what looks like a plaster work crest, is in one of the upstairs rooms. That's one of the things I love about England: it has so many mind-bogglingly ancient things.

                          A lovely outfit of the Tudor times.  (The latest in their fashion!)

They even had Tudor outfits that you could try on.  I've got to say, I'm glad I don't have to wear that baby bonnet thing on my head all the time, as it is massively unflattering.


The Style Crone said...

How wonderful that you and Gorgeous Husband could travel to a Tudor mansion, which has an association with your wedding day. I love how GH has photographed you framed in leaded glass. Now there's a photo to frame!

Baby bonnets are not the headwear of choice, but it does frame your beautiful face, so there are some advantages to giving it a try for a photo!

Style Sud-Est said...

Wow! look at that Tudor Mansion, impressive, this is the thing with the UK and Europe never to be find in Canada - So much history -
I loved it when i lived in Europe i could see all these marvels!

Ariane xx

Sue Pinner said...

Hi, great shots, are we going to see a picture of the new coat?
Hugs Sue x

Vix said...

Some wonderful photos here, I do love that photo of your framed in the leaded lights and your jacket is stunning.
Have you been to Wightwick Manor in Wolverhampton? It's Arts and Crafts so decorated in the Tudor style and it's bursting with De Morgan, William Morris and Rossetti (sadly no interior photos allowed). x

Lyosha said...

very cool blazer!

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P.S> your blog is so friendly and informative! follwoing you now