Friday, 30 November 2012

Minimalist Packing

I've been inspired by other blogger's descriptions of what they packed when they went on holiday, and I decided to "showcase" what I took for our 4 day holiday to Lille, France.  It all fit into a tiny case, and I didn't get tired of the combinations.  Also, to be fair, it's only 4 days, so even if I wore the same thing 4 days, no one but Gorgeous Husband and I would know.

This is what I took:

2 roll neck sweaters (turtle necks, as they are known in North America)
2 skirts
2 pair of boots
1 tunic
1 coat
1 hat
1 umbrella
1 scarf/gloves set
some jewellery
1 long sleeve tee shirt (worn as nightwear, or daywear if it was too warm for the roll necks)
pjama bottoms

The outfits: (needless to say, no ironing needed!)

These are the second pair of boots.  I haven't included them in photos, because I threw them out in France.  They were worn out, and would have cost about £20 to repair.  Besides I had already bought 3 pair of new boots and needed the space in the suitcase for the new ones! Photo in the British Library, next to a bronze seat that looks like an open book.

My philosophy when I travel is to take old clothes that I don't particularly care about.  If I find something new and exciting, I ditch the old clothes in a bin somewhere and just come home with the new ones.  If I don't find anything, no worries, the old clothes just come home again.

I did wear everything, even the hat.  It's a great squashy one that packs flat and is good for drizzle.  Those times when you don't really need an umbrella.  Or it is too windy for one.

The small striped purse I wore under my coat.  It contained my wallet and money.  My passport was in my security pouch which I wear under my clothes.  If I were to have my bag snatched, they would grab the large bag, which contained my umbrella, camera, lunch, guidebook, makeup and anything else that I thought I might have need of.

The over-the-head small purse meant I was never worried about setting my purse down somewhere and forgetting it.  It left both hands free and I could wear it while we had coffee or lunch.  The big bag would be on the floor near my feet (or sometimes between my feet).  Maybe I'm a bit paranoid, but when we went to Paris, my knapsack was always being opened.  I didn't lose anything valuable that time, but it does make me aware that while travelling, being safe rather than sorry is a good motto to follow.

Does anyone else have any tips for travelling? 


Val Sparkle said...

That's a very good tip about the big bag and smaller, over the shoulder purse. I always try to have a shoulder/cross body bag when I travel - it's so much handier when you're moving around a lot. And I know what you mean about backpacks. In Barcelona I had my backpack unzipped while walking down the street. The girls behind us, who feigned innocence, hadn't got very far because I could feel it. Yes, you can never be too careful.

The Style Crone said...

Your minimalist packing strategy is inspiring. I am taken with your philosophy of ditching the old for the new and you had me laughing out loud on a Sunday morning. Thank you for that!

The bronze book sculpture/seat is amazing and you are looking very chic next to it. I'm sure that this was a travel experience to be remembered!

Jean at said...

Your combinations are brilliant. I ALWAYS use a cross body bag, usually large-ish. I absolutely need to have my hands free, plus it keeps my jackets and cardigan sweaters closed. :-) I was a little sad about those boots because they looked awesome, but you must have some fabulous replacements.

Style Higher™ said...

I used to travel every 6 weeks but that stopped 3 years ago. Back then, I always packed too much, no matter what. It was a constant! If only I had some style bloggers around to teach me the right way to be back then! I would incorporate your ideas here, for any future travel. :-)