Friday, 2 November 2012

Oooh, I'm in Love!

Yes, it's official.  I'm in love with Lille, France.  You didn't really think I'd chucked in Gorgeous Husband, did you?  We had such a fabulous time in this French city, that is so near to England, yet so distinctly French.  I look a little pale in this shot, as it is night time, and we had to use the flash.  My real colouring was actually quite normal.

 Who couldn't love a city that has such fabulous fashion shopping?  A hat shop!  The Style Crone would absolutely love it.

 Here is a knitted dress in the window of a chic little boutique not far from our hotel.  Or "chick" shop as Gorgeous Husband liked to pronounce it.

 When I die, you can just scatter my ashes here in this incredible shoe shop.  Everything was so yummy, I thought I would pass out.  Not that I bought anything here, but I did succumb to buying 3 pair of boots elsewhere.

On our last day, we went to the Sunday market, which not only had all the fabulous food you would expect of a French market, but someone also playing the accordian.  Plus I found some wonderful colourful leather bags.  I didn't buy one for the following reasons:  I was greedy and already had 3 pair of boots, Gorgeous Husband would have gone pale at the thought of more purchases, no room in the suitcase, and to be honest, the colours weren't exactly what I wanted/needed.  There was a lucky escape!

Do you feel guilty if you think you have bought too much at one time?  (Like 2 identical pair of boots in black and brown?)  I blame it on Gorgeous Husband.  I said, "would I be a greedy pig to buy another pair of these wonderfully comfortable boots in brown?"  And he said, "do what you like."  I rest my case.  Who could resist that?!


Melanie said...

Carte blanche when faced with boot decisions? That man is heaven-sent. How amazing to have this whole other culture so close to where you live. We have Quebec, but it's so far from the West Coast... It would be cheaper to fly to France probably, air tickets are so expensive domestically. Great photos. Looks like you had a fantastic time! Such style in the windows. I would love to see your finds.

pastcaring said...

If you're going to wear them, then the boots were an investment!
I have never been to Lille but it sounds and looks great. The shop windows do look very chic. xx

Jean at said...

No wonder you'll keep the GH!! He's a gem, for sure. Loved the pictures. I agree: when in doubt, buy footwear. Must be the Pisces in us!

Love you!!

The Style Crone said...

Yes, I would have loved the hat shop. And the shoes! Lille appears to be quite the slice of heaven and the perfect place to visit with your Gorgeous Husband.

Sue Pinner said...

That sounds just like my it if you want it is the ususal lol