Monday, 7 May 2012

Creamy is dreamy

How I love the colour cream.  Even the sound of the name sounds, well... yummy.  It really seems to suit my skin and it always looks expensive and classy (in my mind, at any rate.)  I wish I could figure out how to dye white things that have seen better days cream coloured.  I've never seen that as a dye colour.  Has anyone?

Tamera Beardsley had a post on her blog called "white and beige" and it was SO gorgeous.  I'm sorry, I'm not much good at providing links, so you'll have to google her.  If I saw those images in a magazine, I'd rip them out and have them in my sketchbook/scrapbook. 

This is my "triple dose" of cream: cream teeshirt, cream sweater (jumper, if you're English), a cream brooch of jumping fish, and a cream coat. 

I especially loved the fish brooch, which I got at a boot sale (yard sale, if you're North American).  It would have been lovely for it to have a great story behind it ("it was stolen from the Empress, and smuggled in a tea chest...." but all the vendor said was, "That'll be a £1".  This was a fabulous stall at the boot sale, as I got a wonderful carpet bag type handbag there (£1), shoes, (£1) earrings (£1) and some other things.  It seemed everything from a 5 piece set of luggage to a pair of stud earrings was £1.  I just kept handing over pounds as I kept finding more and more things I liked.  It was like a slot machine, except it kept paying out!

                                       Coat: Bonmarche  (now out of business)
                                Rest: charity shops, boot sales and the like  (no smuggling stories, unfortunately)


Susan said...

Fabrics sometimes develop shadow stains that we can't see until they're dyed. And if a light or bright color dye is used, you end up with an ugly splotch on the garment you hoped to renew. I put tired whites in the wash with detergent, all-fabric bleach powder and borax. I shut the machine off and let them soak for 30 to 60 minutes. It usually works.

Melanie said...

Ha ha, I love your description of yard-saling to playing a winning slot machine! Here I see beauty in cream, but I do hope I can bask in the beauty of the full you again soon! That fish pendant is spectacular. I would have gone to your art show too!

Anonymous said...

I love the brooch--a great find. And, like you, I admired Tamera's post on beige and white. I know I have seen things dyed with tea...and that might produce a sort of cream color.

Jean at said...

I love the mix of textures here. I like tone-on-tone things and I also enjoyed Tamera's post. It was really lovely.

I've also seen tea-dyed pieces. Might be worth a try!

The Style Crone said...

Rose, the cream color is so sumptuous. And you have such an ability to find and choose the most interesting pins. Do you have a pin collection as large as your glove collection?

Ivy Black said...

Yummy. The mix of textures is perfect. xxxx

Rosemary the Shopper said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments. I have tried dyeing with tea-- but the results are rather beigey, sepia toned. Doesn't have that richness of cream. I might try to dye using the tiniest bit of yellow, which might do it. Or not... I feel an experiment coming on.

Hugs and kisses to y'all (as my friend Gail from Texas would say.)


Style Sud-Est said...

Hi RoseMary!

I love colors vut i admit that combination is lovely!


grunge-queen said...

Tee hee, or we call them "garage sales" too.

Rosemary the Shopper said...

Yes, I do have a ridiculous collection of pins (brooches). Ah, I do remember garage sales. One of the last ones we had in Vancouver before moving to England was probably one too many. Someone asked how much for the handmade coffee mug I was drinking out of. I hadn't planned to sell it, so I thought, "I'll ask something outrageous." So I said, "$5". Darned if she didn't buy it. Now where am I going to find a cup with wings for the handle?