Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Other Anniversary

On one of my recent posts, I talked about our wedding anniversary, and how Gorgeous Husband and I met.  But we actually have 2 anniversaries: 2 weddings!  The first anniversary, the legal one, happened in Vancouver in the MacMillan Bloedel Conservatory.  It was a totally beautiful, tasteful affair with 5 guests, and a Spanish guitairst playing "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring". by Bache.  We were married amongst the palm trees and lush greenery and parrots flying about freely.  It was a small affair, but lovely with just a few friends, and we had a celebratory meal in the conservatory at the English Bay Tea House.  It was delightful and totally what we planned, although what I REALLY wanted was to get married in England with his parents and family around.

We couldn't do that because I was divorced, and at that time, the Church of England would not marry us.  They would, however, give us a blessing once we were already married.  So, we travelled to Liverpool in May, and had a lovely second wedding (I had another wedding gown, this one more suited to a church ceremony.)

In terms of seating in the church, there were 22 on the groom's side, and 0 on the bride's.  (My parents have been dead for many years.)  So, in order that it shouldn't look so lopsided, and also to show support and solidarity, most of his relatives sat on the bride's side of the church.  In fact, so many sat on the bride's side, his mother had to stand up and say, "some of you have to come back over here!"

We had the full wedding ceremony over again, with the same music, although unfortunately the organist couldn't play it and it sounded like fingernails on a chalkboard.  It was still a lovely day anyway.

This is a very blurry photo, as it is a photo of one from the wedding album, (pre-digital days) but I like the way the wind has caught my dress, as we stand in the gothic arch doorway.

So, this year, Gorgeous Husband surprised on the "other anniversary" by bringing home a bouquet of 40 roses.  (He did get them on a two for one deal, but what does that matter?!)

I thought they were lovely, and it brought back memories of what a lovely wedding we had.  (Both of them.)


Jean at said...

What a wonderful romance!! Congratulations on your anniversary!! The picture is perfect.

Anonymous said...

How cool to have two ceremonies and I can see that the dress was beautiful. Happy anniversary.

Kathleen Lisson said...

You married a wonderful man!

Mrs. D said...

What a wonderful love story :)

The Style Crone said...

A very romantic story and loved that you had two wedding dresses. The wedding photo is lovely, and I'm sure that you're creating more memories during the two anniversary celebrations this year.