Saturday, 5 May 2012

It's May, or that's what the calendar says

I wore this outfit the other day, and felt OK in it, til I stopped in one of my favourite shops and my friend Kerry said, "You're wearing that??  It's May!!"  But then she had to admit, it was freezing out, so perhaps not such a dumb idea to wrap up.

I quite like the tiered khaki skirt teamed with the short tweed jacket.  You might notice the photo is not of me in said outfit (my hair needs to be mowed) so thought I would post it on its own.  I do like the short tan booties, but once the heels go, they will go to the Great Boot Heaven, as they are completely utterly worn out.  I tell you, you'd think when you pay £2 for a pair of boots they would last more than 10 years, wouldn't you?

This is a close up of the brooch on the blazer.  I hope you can make it out that it is a stag's head with a turquoise stone above it.  It makes me feel quite Scottish, quite trundling-through-the-heather type of gal.  Imagination is a good thing!  It came to live with me after an expedition of what I call "foraging in the forest".  I know it didn't come from a charity shop, but it did come at a give-away price from somewhere else, although I can't remember where.  I think I got it in a box of stuff.

Many, many thanks to all who are commenting on my blog.  You have no idea how much it cheers me to think of people looking at my outfits and reading my words.  Blogging rocks!!  So if you are reading but haven't commented yet, please do.  It'll make my day!

All items in outfit: charity shops or the equalivent
except for belt which was New Look (about 4 years ago)


Ivy Black said...

Nope...that's a totally appropriate May outfit and tasty it is too. I'm very taken with the jacket and the brooch goes brilliantly with it.
Have a lovely weekend and stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Love the brooch.


Melanie said...

Actually, my comment upon seeing you in that outfit would have been exactly the same: "You're WEARING that!" Slighting different emPHAsis. Beautiful outfit - too bad your hair was not cooperating... Can you not get new heels? I have old boots I'm going to paint with acrylics, what could it hurt?

Anonymous said...

I just recently parted with a very similar pair of booties. I was surprised how much I wore mine once I'd thrifted them. I hadn't realized how well they would work with skirts. I like the tweed jacket.

Susan said...

This is a perfect outfit, and good for May. Just yesterday I froze to the bone watching a Little League baseball game in my linen overblouse (the weather forecast was "warm and sunny"). And the brooch is fantastic. I know what you mean about imagining yourself in another place when wearing it -- I bought some great tweed suits after I watched Brideshead Revisited and regularly walked around the castle when I was really at work in an office.

The Style Crone said...

I always dress for the weather and not the calender. It's so hard to say goodbye to the boots, both seasonally and when they have seen their last days. Your outfit is beautiful and I'm especially attracted to the pin, which adds a very special touch.

Rosemary the Shopper said...

Many thanks for all your comments! What an interesting idea Melanie presents: painting my booties when they "die". Now there's a thought. I also had to laugh at Susan's comment about walking around the castle in her tweeds, while she was really at work in an office. Imagination rules supreme, I tell ya!

Love from Rosemary

Kathleen Lisson said...

This brooch is amazing. One just cannot get quality brooches on this side of the pond (U.S.)

grunge-queen said...

I love the outfit - I had a pair of second-hand booties that I would always wear with a skirt - very sassy look. And hey, I think it would look funny if you were tromping about town in sandals, a sundress and nothing else (as the ladies are doing in my town - brrr!!).