Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Bo Peep Has a Day Out

Here I am in my Bo Peep outfit, in the picture gallery at Attingham Park in Shropshire.  You could be forgiven for wondering where my sheep are.  (They're outside somewhere.  Not much of a shepherdess, am I?)

Gorgeous Husband was doing his duty as my Official Photographer, and the two of us were wandering about the stately home, looking like we owned the place, and imagining that we did.  I would need an army of servants, I can tell you, as there is no way I could handle all that housekeeping!

The dress is my own that I made, charity shop gloves and bag, and the Bo Peep bonnet was borrowed from the volunteers' dressing up box.  Normally I wear black feathers in my hair, but I stole them to  dress up a hat and haven't got round to taking them off. 

Gorgeous Husband knows a lot about the history of the house, as he is a costumed tour guide and takes small groups on tours.  I am totally the decorative accessory, and basically don't say much of anything, other than murmuring, "yes my dear," when appropriate.  Sometimes I say, "ooh, scandalous!" when he talks about the family's bankruptcy, but that's about it for my acting abilities.

For those who are interested in the period of the dress, it is Regency, which was 1811 to 1820.  A typical "white nightie" dress of that period.


Louise said...

How fabulous to have the opportunity to dress up like that.

Mrs. D said...

This is amazing! I want to go see you!

Melanie said...

Wonderful photos! I would have liked to have seen one of you and your husband together. Maybe next time? I like your ladylike vocabulary! Scandalous!

Vix said...

You look fantastic, you are a clever bunny to make that frock! x

pastcaring said...

You really look the part of a Regency lady! What a fabulous dress. xxx

The Style Crone said...

Gorgeous Husband did a fabulous job with your photos. And how I love your clever stories!


You are amazing, ahhhhhhhhhh
and I send you as many photos as you wish.
The front of the jacket is just very plain, that is why a took pics of the back.
So fabulous to have found you.
Following and adding you to my blogroll this second

Megan Mae said...

What an amazing idea for a photoshoot. You look fabulous!

I once visited an older B&B to take photos at. It was so much fun.