Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Olympic Flame Comes to Town

Here I am, waiting (along with 39,999 other people in our town) for the Olympic Flame to pass by.  What a lot of excitement for the briefest of glimpses.  Still... it was fabulous, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see it pass by.  The fellow at the edge of the photo kept sort of edging ahead of me, but I did manage to wiggle past him each time.

I shot some pictures of the Flame, but it was just a blur of people's heads.  I did get what I thought was a great shot, only to discover when I checked the image that someone lifted their arms in a joyous, clapping salute, just as the shutter snapped.  Great photo of clapping hands!

You can check images of the Olympic Flame on the Shropshire Star website (google (May 30, 2012) to actually see some decent pictures.

One interesting fact about the Flame (courtesty of Gorgeous Husband, who reads up about these things) is that the base of the torch has 8,000 small holes which represents the 8,000 runners involved in the Flame's journey, and the 8,000 miles it will cover.  I thought that was a touching detail.

It's lovely the way it has brought people together in the spirit of celebration, particularly as not many of us will actually get to London to see the Games.

Please note the Olympic rings necklace.  Not intentional!

These two girls decided to share one England T shirt, while flag waving and Flame-spotting.  Great fun!


Melanie said...

As you know we went through all that flame stuff here in Vancouver for Winter 2010. The atmosphere was electric (and the electric bill was pretty amazing too!). The summer games are much more cool than the winter ones - have fun. I'm glad you're in the spirit!

Kathleen Lisson said...

Great subconscious necklace pick!

Tamera Beardsley said...

i so enjoy seeing the festivities...thanks so for sharing!