Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Diamond Jubilee Weekend

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee weekend is just closing, and what a celebration it has been!  It has truly been a "something-for-everyone" event, whether you were part of the crowds in London, or attended one of the thousands of community events, both large and small, or just watched it on television.  Children painted portraits of the Queen, shops have had patriotic window displays, there have been church fetes, carnivals, street parties, bell ringing, horse trials, concerts, decorative bunting, too many tributes and festivities to count them all!

The events in London were British pagentry at its best, full of pomp and circumstance, yet also full of small personal tributes as the TV commentators interviewed individuals in the crowds who all expressed their heartfelt enthusasm and respect for the Queen.  It has been a fabulously uplifting experience, and one that the country as a whole has been in dire need of.  We have all had a massive injection of national pride, traditional values and a coming together of communities across the country. 

Sunday church service to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee

Sunday, June 3, Gorgeous Husband and I attended the combined benefice church service commemorating the Jubilee, which was lovely.  A packed church!  (There's something you don't see everyday.) We sang such patriotic hymns as, "I Vow to Thee My Country" and the national anthem: "God Save the Queen." (I always feel a bit emotional at that.  Must be the immigrant in me.)  Of course, the weather was miserable, so I was glad of having the Union Jack umbrella.  I don't have much in the red/white/blue colour combination, so everything I had got worn.

The order of service

It was a cold and miserable Sunday (you'd think it was November) so we were pleased to be able to watch the flotilla of boats on the Thames from the armchair comfort of seeing it on TV.  Not as much atmosphere, but so much warmer!  The Queen and Prince Philip were on their feet for almost the whole 4 1/2 hours, waving to the crowds and enjoying the wide variety of sailing craft involved in the event.  It really did, literally, rain on her parade, but she really is made of stern stuff.  For a woman of 86, her stamina is incredible.  In fact, the three words that were used to describe everything were: "amazing". "remarkable" and "extraordinary".  Over and over again.  Maybe because they were so fitting.

Congratulations Your Majesty.  You are an inspiring example of duty and service to your people.


Melanie said...

You look perfect for this celebration, from what I can see, in your white and blue with that perfect bag.

I caught snippets of the show on the news - I have never seen such a massive outpouring of devotion before. We had to sing God Save the Queen every day in school, her portrait was in every classroom, and we had to pledge allegiance to the monarch - I'm shocked I can't remember the exact words now. Maybe you had the same experience in Canada too.

It looks like it was quite a party. Time for you to put your feet up and have a proper cup of tea.

Vix said...

I love your outfit, that umbrella is something else!
I'm not really into the Royals but you've got to admire the Queen's stamina.
How interesting that Melanie had to swear allegiance to the monarchy and sing the National Anthem every morning. Most of us Brits don't know more than the first verse! x
PS Yes, happy with The Apprentice, a worthy winner!

Anonymous said...

From the little bit of the coverage I have seen in the middle of the US, she is a model of composure. And I can only hope to look that good at that age.

The Style Crone said...

Your description of the festivities made me feel like I was right there with you. Your writing is delightful! Even the phrase 'Diamond Jubilee' sounds celebratory and the umbrella made your outfit sing.

Rosemary the Shopper said...

Thanks for all your kind comments. No, Melanie, even though I grew up in Canada, we never pledged alliance to the Queen that I can remember. Photos of her in the classrooms, yes, but no singing or pledging. I can only guess that maybe you were taught by a Royalist.

Many thanks Style Crone for your kind words about my writing. I feel there was so much more to tell and I could have/should have done it up better. But, better to get it down than stew over it and it never get done!

Much love and thanks to you all!