Saturday, 20 August 2011

Adventures in Tights

Here I am, helping out my friend Kerry, who runs this delightful shop that is about as wide as a shoebox.  It's called "Thighs the Limit" (great name, hey?)

I modelled a pair of her jazzy tights (pantihose for my North American friends who are reading) and handed out flyers to the crowds going to Shrewsbury's Flower Show.  A very old and popular event.  Over 50,000 attended this year, although not all of them got a flyer from me!

The tights I am modelling here are called Hollywood because of the images, and the fact that the word "Hollywood" is emblazoned on them in various places.  The nice man at the Sabrina River boat launch took this photo of me holding my flyers.

These are the ones I modelled on the second day.  Really knock your eyes out designs!  Shame about the legs, but I discovered that a warm smile and a happy-go-lucky attitude went a long way.

To check out Kerry's exciting, jazzy tights, go to

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PS love the tights!