Thursday, 4 August 2011

Arm Candy

Here's the new pewter-looking braided rope bracelet, worn with some companions.  The bracelet with the silver horn bead is almost hidden underneath the new bracelet, (from a boot sale in Brighton) and on the other side of it, a bead bracelet I made in jewellery class, and a silver blue/green stones bracelet I got in Greece.  Other than the bracelet from Greece, the rest cost about £2.  I can't remember how much the Greek bracelet was.

I'm discovering that an armload of bangles and bracelets is instant glamour, and sometimes for a ridiculous amount of  money.  One bracelet is nice, but 4 says. "get a load of THIS!"  To think I used to be shy about wearing clothes that made people look twice.

Do I worry that I'm OTT?  (That's over-the-top, if you're not familiar with this expression).  As my friend Erica says about wearing what you want and being comfortable in your choices:  "Suits the wearer, bugger the starer."  As long as you please yourself, you're ahead of the game!

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Judith said...

Bracelets are always fun and these are beauties. Totally agree with your philosophy of style. Pleasing ourselves is so important at this point in life!