Monday, 22 August 2011

My Favourite Shop

Our local shopping association is having a contest to vote for your favourite shop.  Well, really, that's like asking a person to choose one chocolate in a box full of ones you love!  There are SO MANY fabulous shops in Shrewsbury, I'd be hard pressed to say which one is my favourite.  So I've decided that my favourite is the one I'm in, whichever one that might be.

The photo above is me in front of New to You, which is a consignment shop.  The clothes are great (only one of each!) and the staff are equally great.  Although Jan is an evil woman, always getting me to try things on.  I'm such a push-over that she doesn't have a hard job! 

I also have customers here of my own, as some of the staff purchase Forever Living Products from me.  That's the aloe vera company, if you're not familar with it.  Lovely products for skin and good health.

Lots of shops have hanging baskets and our town isn't called the Town of Flowers for nothing.  If I still lived in Canada and saw pictures of this town, I'd be crying to live here.  And now I do!  Who says fairy tales don't come true?

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Judith said...

I share your love of consignment shops and this one sounds special. How wonderful to live in the Town of Flowers.