Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Catwalk of Life goes to the Wool Shop in Wales

Sorry the quality of these photos isn't the greatest... I was using the camera on my mobile phone.  Maybe my hand shook because of all the excitement of seeing these wonderful, scrumptous shades of wool!  As I said to my friends, this is like being an alcholic in the brewery.  So much to choose from, and I want it ALL!

This is my friend Jo, who has been knitting since she was four years old.  She actually has people PAY her to knit for them.  Nothing she can't figure out.

This is Erica, who comes to knitting group every week with something new she's created.  Her blue top she crocheted from a cone of yarn she found in a charity shop.  She can make anything out of anything.

Here are the four of us, after our purchases, holding our psychadelic paper bags full of wonderful wool from Colinette Yarns in Wales. Lesley, who did the driving, is on the arm of the couch.  A shop with couches, tables, and knowledgeable, friendly staff.  Fantastic!

Our knitting group will have plenty to knit and natter about in the coming weeks.  I told them, I've had more fun on an afternoon out with them than on a week's holiday.

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