Thursday, 25 August 2011

You've Gotta Love a Shop Like That

Isn't this a gorgeous building?   It's not fake Tudor, it's REAL Tudor.  I see I should take another photo, as this one doesn't do it justice.  This is Watson and Thornton on Mardol Street in Shrewsbury and they sell fabrics and haberdashery.  If you are one of my North American readers, you might think, well, that's no big deal.  But I have not found many towns in England that have any fabric stores, let alone one as neat as this. 

So, I am in Fabric Heaven whenever I go in.  But in addition to the staff all being knowledgeable and friendly, everyone seems very happy there.  The staff joke with the customers and with each other.  You often hear people laughing.  Telephone callers get the same delightful treatment as if they were standing in the shop.  It's just a happy place.

I  once couldn't decide between some of their fabrics, so I said to Brian,  who works there, "What would you recommend?" 

"Well," he said, "Don't drink, don't smoke, and gambling's probably not good for you either!"

You've gotta love a shop like that!

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Judith said...

Shrewsbury sounds like a delightful place and your descriptions make me feel as though I am right there in the fabric store, in the midst of beauty.